Finding work in the real America is a tough full-time job that often lasts more than 24 months. So, if you have a job, but have not followed the advice I offered in my previous Nuggets, you are likely heading for a world of hurt as more jobs are hollowed out of America as those “job-creating” trade deals scoop deeper and deeper.

If you are seeking a job, because you have already been kicked to the curb during this period of, what government says is low unemployment–a political lie in red, white, and blue–it may be time to also look at canvassing companies and retailers involved in what promises to be one of the most lucrative emerging industries in quite some time: marijuana. Marijuana used to be called “weed”, back in the days. This is soon to be a lucrative industry across most, if not all, sates, and is so within states which already legalized marijuana, (weed):

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Washington, DC.
  • A growing number of states are decriminalizing or allowing medical applications.

As the demand for weed grows, all kinds of direct and indirect industries will be created in and around it. Doesn’t mean that you have to literally sell weed. There is so much more to explore!  Use your imagination to discover or to innovate, (invent), opportunities. Here are some top-of-mind business ideas in the new weed industry, that occur to me:

  1. Electrical engineers and product designers will be required to help design and troubleshoot processing equipment or the design of breath analyzers to enforce regulations for blood levels, eg. to catch drivers under the influence.
  2. If you are a medical researcher, there may be research opportunities.
  3. If you are a tobacco company, or can get a license to grow, you may consider in-door growing ops.
  4. There will be a big demand for growing equipment, tools, harvesting tools and equipment, etc.
  5. Botanical researchers may be needed to develop more potent, more disease-resistant, faster-growing plants.
  6. First-mover companies capturing a national toehold may need every job function from clever financial administrators to clever marketers or hip advertising agencies.

Those are just a few ideas to help you get started. You job may be in the rising trend of the industry unfolding around marijuana sales and consumption.


Where else can you turn in order to find good-paying jobs which may still remain in America these days? I previously have written a few Nuggets filled with ideas: