Not exactly.

But if you read or listen to the many alternate websites and even some of the mainstream media, you’d think we’ve just been given a green light to go nuts with MARIJUANA.  That’s not quite correct.

The World Health Organization, (WHO), did speak to an ingredient within WEED, (Marijuana), particularly  within medical marijuana, an ingredient called CANNABIDIOL, (CBD).  It basically said that there is no medical or scientific reason to treat CBD as other addictive drugs, since CBD, following the research methodology they conducted,  is NOT ADDICTIVE.

In other words, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION issued a public statement saying there is no reason for nations to band together, globally, to legislate in unison to treat medical marijuana’s CBD as if it is addictive.  Without imposing on national sovereignty, the WHO suggests that since there no reason for the nations of the world to band together, criminalizing CBD is up to the individual nation as their sovereign right to do so. In other words, if a country continues to say it is regulated or even illegal to use CBD in either medical or recreational forms, then it is up to the nation to do so and this WHO statement is not justification or legal endorsement to avoid or counter any country’s laws or regulations pertaining to it.

This is NOT a free-for all for anyone to use weed, nor a justification to avoid or test any law of any specific country.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg of research, though CBD is given a wide berth by the WHO.

Even the WHO acknowledges that more research on CBD and marijuana may be justified.

As we learn more and more about marijuana, we begin to see there is less and less reason to fear it’s legalization under regulatory conditions. Remind ourselves, that alcohol was once prohibited, too, and that alcohol prohibition once made it easy for cops to play the role of crime-solvers, instead of chasing much more serious criminals. We have that same phenomenon taking place today, too, with marijuana.

Cops are chasing the little people who partake of marijuana for what reason?  Because they are breaking the law. But the law is becoming baseless as we learn more about the beneficial side of marijuana and the harmless side of recreational marijuana. Tax dollars continue to be drain in enforcing marijuana laws which should have been retired ages ago.

In this day and age when we can little afford to waste tax dollars, as is the case when enforcing marijuana laws on the books, laws that ought to be removed.

Maybe some day legislators will come to their senses and remove restrictions on MEDICAL MARIJUANA, and maybe even treat recreational marijuana in the same manner as alcohol. Some states have done that. Even some countries are doing that.

Canada is one of the leading nations changing its laws at the national level to pave the way for its various provinces to sell marijuana. Recently an agreement was reached between the Canadian federal government, (at the national level), with its provincial governments. The federal government will be entitled to approximately 30% of the [MASSIVE]  revenues that will be earned from the sale of marijuana in any of its provinces. That remaining 70% of the revenues will be kept within each province in which the sale occurs.

Norway, is reportedly going one step beyond Canada, by considering making legal a wide range of other drugs currently prohibited. Instead of chasing and incarcerating drug users of any sort, it is considering, as part of that legalization program, the notion of redirecting much of that currently wasted money into rehabilitation programs to help any hard-drug users who wish to seek rehabilitation.

America, once the world’s most powerful country, [no longer], and once the world’s greatest innovator, [no longer], and once the leader of change in most categories, [no longer], is falling far behind at the national level when it comes to common sense in the world of marijuana.