WARNING: before making ANY changes to your lifestyle, diet, medications, supplements, or exercise, consult with your doctor.

If you take good care of your body fat, and TREAT IT CORRECTLY, it will serve you well.

I bet that statement makes a lot of my readers happy. But, not so fast. There is a catch.

For once, we hear something good about the fat we wear on our bodies. If we manage it correctly it can serve a higher, useful purpose.

As you know, the body fat you can feel is only part of the body-fat story. It’s that hidden, compacted body fat that is inside the skeleton and stuffed around every organ of the body that is extremely dangerous. Though what follows is a good story about fat cells, having too many fat cells remains dangerous. If you are too fat, you are in a danger zone for many chronic diseases from cancers to arthritis, to diabetes, to heart diseases, dementia, etc. If you are too skinny you may also be in a danger zone.

Work with your doctor to determine your ideal levels of body fat. This is not intended to be a discussion of whether you are too skinny or too fat. See End Note 1

What I want to achieve in this Nugget is to bring to your attention the benefits of the TRANSITION PHASE when your body pulls that stored fat from each cell and converts it back into useful energy. Specifically, what takes place at the precise moment of that CONVERSION. There is some special magic that the body performs at the moment of converting fat back into energy.

To appreciate the wonders of the human body and why it makes fat, we need a quick, lay-person’s lesson about body fat.

When we eat or drink, one of the vital processes done by our bodies is to convert a portion of what we ingest into energy. That energy is called BLOOD GLUCOSE (blood sugar). That glucose triggers the pancreas to flood the blood stream with INSULIN. One job of insulin, among its many, is to pick up that blood glucose, much line a football player picking up a football, and to ram it through the cell walls throughout our body and park it there, inside the cell, as stored energy. Each cell acts as a tiny energy storage cell.

When body fat gets converted back into energy it releases a recently discovered growth factor See End Note 2 that helps the body increase its tolerance of glucose, (blood sugar levels). By doing a better job of managing our blood glucose levels we do a better job of managing our insulin levels, (fat storing activity). By managing our insulin levels we manage our body storage capacity.

In short, we want to know how we can TRIGGER THE FAT CONVERSION PROCESS to extract fat from cells and turn that fat back into energy and in doing so to generate as much of that recently discovered growth factor as possible from each of our body’s fat cells. See End Note 2

The secret? MOVEMENT.

When we exercise to the point of creating higher levels of LACTIC ACID, we are triggering the conversion process of fat to energy and thereby tapping into that body-fat growth factor. It’s the lactic acid, according to recent research, that releases that growth factor that is so helpful to neutralizing our insulin levels.

Likely you already know that exercising a muscle REPETITIVELY causing the muscle to feel like it is burning. That’s the lactic acid building within the muscle. We now have one more reason to aim for the burn!

You’ve heard it before: “FEEL THE BURN!” When you feel the burn, this recent research is assuring us that we are likely converting those stored, lazy, fat cells back into useful energy and, while doing so, are doing an excellent job of helping to manage your overall glucose-insulin levels.

So, get moving. You now have another reason, a real reason, to be screaming, (in your mind, to yourself, please!):

“Feel the burn…for the body you must earn!”


1)- Before we go further, let’s get this out of the way: if you think you are too fat, it’s pretty simple: go vegan, avoid oils, avoid simple carbohydrates, [use our search field to learn about danger of simple carbs], and avoid textured vegetable proteins, (most often found in “fake” meats). One more quickie factoid: the reason this vegan LIFETSTYLE works is because it is sustainable, done correctly you feel satisfied and it conforms to Dr. Furhman’s rule of N/C. So, if you want to lose body fat, you must go vegan, or largely vegan. Nuff said!

2)- “TGF-β2 is an exercise-induced adipokine that regulates glucose and fatty acid metabolism”, By Hirokazu Takahashi, Alves, Stanford, Middelbeek, Nigro, et al. Nature Metabolism. volume 1, pages291–303 (2019)