Check your bottle of supplements. Likely it will list “Folic Acid” or “Folate” on the label. Now, we learn of new dangers for WOMEN OVER 50 from too much Folic Acid.

[Side note:  Pregnant women certainly need to ensure they are getting sufficient amounts of Folic Acid in their diet for the health of their fetus. Too little Folic Acid and the baby can be born with very serious health issues. Discuss your vitamin and mineral needs with your doctor. For pregnant women, for sure, this is not a do-it-yourself project. Consult with a doctor!]

As with anything you ingest there is an optimal amount. Too little or too much destroys health.  Be sure to read my Nugget: “Observing U…” by clicking here.  This new research on FOLIC ACID is another example of  how a vitamin, too much of it in the bloodstream, can destroy health.

This recent study is looking at something specific. In this case WOMEN over 50 years old. It discovered that TOO MUCH FOLIC ACID in the BLOODSTREAM OPENS THE “DOOR” to CANCER, COLDS, FLU, AND OTHER VIRUSES and BACTERIA.

Here’s a quote from that most recent study…

“Presence of unmetabolized folic acid in plasma, which is indicative of folic acid intake beyond the metabolic capacity of the body, is associated with reduced natural killer (NK) cell cytotoxicity in post-menopausal women≥50 years. NK cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes that are part of the innate immune system critical for surveillance and defense against virus-infected and cancer cells.” [Source: “High folic acid intake reduces natural killer cell cytotoxicity in aged mice.” by  Sawaengsri, Wang, Reginaldo, et al.  The Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry. Jan. 6, 2016.  ABSTRACT, online. ]

If too much Folic Acid in the bloodstream is bad for one group of people, it might be our first hint that for all other people of all other age groups, too much of a good thing may also be dangerous. Since this is a medication, a pharmaceutical, it likely would be wise for everyone to take precautions.

When it comes to optimizing our health, as with most things, too much or too little, is seldom a good idea.

Note: I am not a doctor. Before you add or subtract anything from your health optimizing strategies and programs, be sure to consult with, and get your advice from, your doctor who is qualified to diagnose, prescribe, develop medical therapy plans and monitor your progress. Vitamins, minerals, and amino-acid supplements are  PHARMACEUTICALS, even if they are nor written by prescription by a doctor. So be a wise consumer by consulting with your doctor before you reach for that bottle of supplements.