One of the useful elements in the repertoire of successful people that everyone else ought to copy is the commitment to achieving maximum fulfillment from every single day.

Successful people are often driven to jump out of bed by a strong purpose, passionate commitments to something important, or what they call a “mission”. Every day they hop out of bed with at least a rough plan of activities ahead for the day. They don’t drift through the day subject to the whims of random events. They often have a passion they follow, a purpose from that passion and a list of action items they hope to complete by the end of the day. They fill their day with COMMITMENTS.

Compare that to the day of an addict or one who is trying to avoid falling back into their addiction. Days are loose. They wonder almost aimlessly from activity to activity, if any, as if hoping for Divine intervention. Successful people fill their days with commitments. Addicts tend to drift through the day.

To keep themselves distracted enough to repel their addiction an addict needs to be almost totally consumed and committed to acting with purpose throughout the entire day. Addicts must get outside of their bodies and think outwardly on a purpose almost bigger than themselves. Addicts need an outwardly focused “cause” that they can strongly believe in, that can become all encompassing and all consuming. Perhaps a charity. Perhaps teaching something to others. Perhaps a job that they enjoy. Perhaps, starting a new business. It may even be a hobby that will provide great enjoyment. And it is best if it can be done outside of the house and away from anything that can act as a trigger to the addiction.

Addicts must stop drifting and must develop a powerful externally-focused purpose that will drive them to want to wake up and hop out of bed to enjoy every single day.