Addicts need to keep away from negative thinking, negative role modeling. Today, with such easy access to websites filled with negativity, that is a tough mandate for addicts to follow.

Show me an addict and I can predict that, that person has a penchant for negativity. They surround themselves with conspiracy theories, with websites that are filled with doom and gloom and prophecies about the world ending, the dollar crashing, and the clash of civilizations. And addicts love those types of websites. Today, those “negative” websites are easy to find and draw people in search of the worst of mankind.

I am not a debunker of conspiracy theories. I wish them well, for what they are worth. I could care less if those negative websites are robbing people of donations and subscriptions while feeding the lust of their readers for everything that is bad about this world. Granted, there are plenty of bad things going on in this world. But there is much more positive than negative.

For the addict, all those negative influences amount to fuel on a very dangerous inner, psychological, fire. The more negativity, the more the addict will increase his or her chances of sliding into depression. Instead of building a belief in living and life, the addict is strengthening a believe in everything wrong with living and life on earth. The more negative thinking, the more likelihood of being depressed.

Addicts must break free of the negativity trap and learn to find and swim in the positive lanes in life. Addicts, especially, need to learn to look for the good out there. Addicts, especially, need to acquire the skills of learning to provide uplifting messages to others, rather than dwelling obsessively on what is wrong and obsessively criticizing. Criticism and cynicism need to be shown the exit door, so to say. And new welcome guests of optimism and constructive thinking need to be ushered into the mind and habitual thinking of anyone, especially of addicts.

The addict must make a habit of positivity, rather than negativity.