In every one of my situations where I tried to “kick a bad habit”, I found myself slipping back, not because of depression, but because of extreme joy, happiness, “euphoria”.

Things were going so well, that I convinced myself, “Why not?!” Or, “Just today to add to my enjoyment.” Granted, that is a bad way to think. But, hey. I’m human, too.

Even if, my comparison of my slipping into bad habits is small potatoes compared to powerful addictions face by others, such as heroine, alcohol, meth, there is some common ground, some common principles that can benefit the addict facing more powerful urges. The principle is the same.

Addicts must watch out for depression. That’s well-known by all and almost a no-brainer. But addicts seldom think about the opposite state of mind and emotion. The state of euphoria. The lurking danger when everything is going so well, that the addict relaxes his or guard and becomes most exposed to moments of weakness and relapse. Euphoria will sabotage an addict’s best-laid plans.

Beware of EUPHORIA the great saboteur of great intentions.