Recently a friend sent me an opinion piece by some whacko who had his underwear tied into knots. That website author was trying to rehash the conspiracy that the moon landing was faked.

Conspiracy theories run the gambit from the plausible to the absurd:

  • President Kennedy was assassinated by members of the mob, or by the CIA, or by one someone wanting to be president.
  • Aliens have already signed a secret document with the USA government to eat people in exchange for technology.
  • Hitler moved to South America.
  • A certain nationality has taken over control of the world.
  • Aliens are building rings around the planet Saturn.
  • NASA and the JPL use a more modern physics than the one taught at schools.
  • Aliens have modified our DNA.
  • Certain wars were started by false flags of certain governments.
  • The world is controlled by a secret cabal.
  • The elite that control the world have parties and run around naked.

Need I go on?

For just about every news event, there is a conspiracy that surrounds it. When credible people provide credible evidence or facts, conspiracy mongers spring into action with the admonition that, “If you believe that source, I have a bridge to sell you.”

Here we are. 45 years, or so, after the lunar landing, conspiracy theories about a faked landing still wash back and forth across the internet.  Frankly, who cares at this point in time?

Just in case conspiracy theorists want to argue that uncovering the mechanics of a conspiracy is as useful as whistle blowing, it’s not. There is a major difference between a conspiracy theory that reflects on something that happened in the distant past and is unchangeable,  and having a whistleblower come forth while there is time to make a course correction.

If the lunar landing was indeed faked, that was in the past and nothing about learning more information will make any difference to America or any other country. Besides, real landing or not, back then, President Kennedy needed to aim for the moon to inspire an exhausted and flagging nation. Aiming for the moon worked! The nation came together, inspired, and accomplished great achievements. Then, after almost two decades of prospering from that challenge, it was time to close the program. So, real or not, America had to land on the moon. That was the objective and after all their money and hard work, one way or another America had to land on the moon!  Real or not, the “landing” met the needs of the government and of the nation back then. Along the way, the entire program, the quest to solve millions of problems along the way, enriched American with the many innovations and other benefits across every sector of the nation, from education to military to the economy.

Let’s close the book on the lunar landing conspiracy theory.

All eyes are now on Russia’s inspiring program to build moon bases and populate them. Now, that’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s fact. Can Russia do it? Just watch.