Keep an eye to the sky. By the end of 2020, CHINA plans to LAUNCH a rocket to put into a 500 kilometer-high orbit, (300 mile-high orbit), a gigantic satellite of a very unique kind.

This satellite will be a super-gigantic-sized artificial moon, actually a MIRROR, designed to reflect back to earth the sunlight when the sun is on the other side of the earth from the city of Chengdu. See End note 1 If this works, who needs street lamps and all the hassles of underground wiring that goes with providing and maintaining street lights?…

This is also a very clever way of making Chengdu almost EMP-PROOF. [EMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse.]

One of the biggest threats to modern cities is the length of time it will take to replace lost power transformers at substations, if they are blown out for any reason. Such reasons can include: lightening strikes, solar flares, terrorism, or because an enemy deploys a missile to discharge an high-altitude nuclear detonation that emits a EMP .

If a substation transformer is destroyed, it may take as much as 2 years to re-order, build, and replace it, under normal conditions. If a number of them are taken out simultaneously, a city may not be restored to normal operating power for many more YEARS. This is not mere conspiracy or survivalist talk. That is OUR REALITY that most people avoid thinking about, especially our wimpy, politically-correct politicians.

Clever Chinese!

Plans published in their news media commits their nation to launching three more such gigantic mirrors in 2022. According to published reports, the 2020 satellite will be about 8x brighter than a normal full moon and the reflective surface is adjustable in case luminosity needs to be tweaked or more highly focused onto any one spot. It is estimated that by focusing the light onto a 50- square kilometer area, Chengdu can save almost $175 million USA dollars annually.

A bit of quick mental math unveils the costs of building, launching, and maintaining each artificial “moon” will far exceed the costs of using traditional, hard-wired means of providing night-time street lighting. What does that tell you?

It makes it crystal clear to us that China is aggressively preparing for the eventuality of an EMP attack by an enemy nation.

China has become the world leader in manufacturing solar panels. It has been equipping its newly built cities with the latest technologies. So, we can interpret from that that newly built buildings will be solar powered. And, likely all government buildings have been retro-fitted by now with massive solar panels, as well. If their electrical grid goes down, for any reason, by daylight those solar-panel-equipped buildings will continue to function. And, now, by night, these artificial moons will provide sufficient power to keep large-scale government operations going.

My question after studying this goes to a quip you likely have used when someone in your family obstructs your vision of the TV: “You make a better door than a window.” Does this apply to the artificial moons China plans to launch? Meaning, if those moons are big enough to illuminate large swaths of China, are they also large enough to ECLIPSE the sun in the daytime? If so, will that obstruct their solar panels by day? And what of nature, herself? If so, will those artificial moons cast a large enough shadow to cool areas of China and therefore unbalance nature’s natural cooling and warming processes? If those satellites cast shadows on earth, will they affect China’s agriculture, since agriculture depends on sunlight?


1- “Man-made moon to shed light on Chengdu in 2020”, By Zhang Zhihao China Daily. 2018-10-19