I’m FURIOUS!!  So much so that I am beside myself and angry as hell!!

I just learned that the very group of executives who screwed up the American economy, and the global economy, too, are blaming you for the damage they did. Yup. CEOs say, YOU screwed it all up.

Let’s set the facts straight:

  • CEOs are the ones who shipped, and continue to ship, jobs like yours, to overseas countries. NOT your fault.
  • CEOs are the ones who got mind-boggling compensation and bonus plans while they suppressed employee pay plans, or gave employees only a tease, if any, compensation increase. Inflation on the goods that matter most to you and your family have screamed upwards at 7% or even much more, but those very same CEOs who accuse you of not spending like a wild beast are the same ones who suppressed your pay raises and kept them to a bare minimum. NOT your fault.
  • CEOs are the ones who claim employee are the “fat” of the corporation and they take opportunities as early as possible to “trim the fat”, employees like you, by firing and laying off thousands.  NOT your fault.
  • CEOs are the ones who signed off on marketing programs offering credit to anyone with bad credit ratings who wants to borrow money for cars, homes, and even school. Further burdening the economy and the future. And now those easy-credit plans are catching up to everyone and that forces banks and corporations to write off those high-risk loans and take more losses on their books. NOT your fault.
  • CEOs are the ones who give generously to politicians to ensure their status quo, and to ensure politicians will support GLOBALISM.  Their desire to push globalism, some even call it corporate Fascism, or point to the biggest corporations as America’s oligarchy controlling political decisions. NOT your fault.

So, though CEOs may be saying that you don’t spend enough, they are the ones who took away, shipped away, YOUR means of being able to do so. That is definitely NOT your fault.

The shitty economy is a result of the people who run American companies and the politicians that you voted into office because you believed those politicians were going to make “change” for the benefit of the people. THEY LIED. That lie was NOT your fault. NOT…YOUR…FAULT!  The CEOs and your selfish, even corrupt POLITICIANS are the ONES TO BLAME.