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Are YOU Too Fat?!

Other than Acne, pimples, oily skin, and body image, surface appearances common to those worried about their “good looks”, are you too fat for your own INTERNAL health and longevity? The reality is: being overweight,...

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Depressed, Anxious? Tips.

[NOTE: if you experienced a traumatic event in life, served in the military or are a first-responder and are experiencing what is SUSPECTED TO BE PTSD, please, PLEASE see a qualified doctor to discuss treatment options. The...

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SPICE up your Life.

Ever wonder where researchers and scientists get their ideas for medications for their next big drug that enriches pharmaceutical companies? Those scientists turn to NATURE. They are well aware that copying nature provides the...

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The Skinny About Eating Fats.

[WARNING: this, and all our Nuggets, is for information purposes only. Before you make any changes to diets, exercise, supplements, medications, or any other therapy, check with your doctor. Do not change any prescriptions and...

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The Live LONGER Cube of Nutrition.

The pursuit of the almighty dollar has caused pseudo-scientists, reductionist researchers, and highly-opinionated doctors to recommend diets which succeed at losing weight in the short-term, but which are dangerous for the...

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Kill CANCER with Immuno-Therapy?

An increasing number of researchers, authors, and especially new companies are paying attention to an increasing number of successes in the field of immuno-therapy as a CURE for CANCER. STOP! Don’t get overly excited about...

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It’s NOT the Water, Stupid!!

I was listening to a radio talk show. The caller stated that he was rushed to the hospital after drinking lots of water. [Warning: this Nugget is not a recommendation. It is for entertainment or information purposes only. Before...

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72 Years Old and KETO diet.

At his age, that man is headed for disaster…! [Warning: do not make any changes to your diet, therapies, or exercise programs unless instructed by your doctor. This Nugget is for information purposes only and is not...

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