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Kill CANCER with Immuno-Therapy?

An increasing number of researchers, authors, and especially new companies are paying attention to an increasing number of successes in the field of immuno-therapy as a CURE for CANCER. STOP! Don’t get overly excited about...

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It’s NOT the Water, Stupid!!

I was listening to a radio talk show. The caller stated that he was rushed to the hospital after drinking lots of water. [Warning: this Nugget is not a recommendation. It is for entertainment or information purposes only. Before...

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72 Years Old and KETO diet.

At his age, that man is headed for disaster…! [Warning: do not make any changes to your diet, therapies, or exercise programs unless instructed by your doctor. This Nugget is for information purposes only and is not...

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CARB Loading Hurts, Not Helps.

Before we jump into this gem of a NUGGET, remember that not all carbs are created equal. There is the DANGEROUS SIMPLE carbohydrates and there is the HEALTHY COMPLEX carbohydrates. So, when someone says “carbs”, nail...

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