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Why GIANTS in Advertisements?

Ever wonder why some advertisements use GIANTS to deliver its message? The use of giants is a great tactic for separating one’s advertisement from the thousands of others. It’s an attention-getter. Ads featuring...

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Depressed, Anxious? Tips.

[NOTE: if you experienced a traumatic event in life, served in the military or are a first-responder and are experiencing what is SUSPECTED TO BE PTSD, please, PLEASE see a qualified doctor to discuss treatment options. The...

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When MAINSTREAM MEDIA Lies, it Dies.

Decades ago, it was against the law for media to lie to the people of the USA. But in 2013, then President Obama, reversed that ruling to allow propaganda to be used on the American people. Since then, the Government can lie to...

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SPICE up your Life.

Ever wonder where researchers and scientists get their ideas for medications for their next big drug that enriches pharmaceutical companies? Those scientists turn to NATURE. They are well aware that copying nature provides the...

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