I’m a student of greatness, of excellence, of how people create great things. I enjoy reading about, being with, watching, great people. From my close buddy, a martial arts expert who, in my opinion is the best in the world, to tennis pros, racing car champs, top executives, you name it. If someone has “arrived” at the pinnacle of their vocation or art, I want to learn from them. Personally, I have a long way to go to become one of those who achieved greatness, but I’m working at it. Along the way, I collect and try to transfer those lessons from their world to mine. Occassionally, I hear or discover such great wisdom as to rock my being for days afterwords…

Joe Bonamassa becomes one of those people of excellence who rocked my being when he mentioned two words.

While watching the DVD of his performance, his second performance at the world-reknown Royal Albert Hall, London, England, I was mesmerized by his ability to turn Blues Rock into a re-awakening of every cell in my body. The camera work was as excellent as his performance. Together, both his performance and the great skill of the photographers and producers, I was captivated for hours. If you do not yet own a copy of “TOUR DE FORCE: Live in London”, then you owe it to yourself to buy a copy. If you play the guitar, love music, enjoy listening to a guitar maestro, or know of anyone who does, this DVD is a must. By the way, the band members were as brilliant. The entire work is one of a work of art…much more than just music, it is a treasure.

There was a comment made by Joe Bonanamassa in the bonus DVD that you need to hear, that you need to experience. If you can bring yourself to understanding it, it will rock your career. It will turn a career from “stuck in the rut” to “soaring”. The words are brief. There are only two words. But they are magical.

“Pilot light”.

Joe was being interviewed and was explaining who he is. To paraphrase him, he was explaining that he is just Joe Bonamassa. That he loves the guitar, he loves music and that he is not any kind of special guy…[take it from me…no ordinary person becomes this great so he indeed is a special guy]. At home, when not touring or practising he is studying about guitars, rebuilding his amplifiers, searching the net about guitars, reading magazines about guitars. No matter what he does, the underlying energy comes from the flame that keeps on burning, always…his “pilot light”. He is thrilled by guitars. Always. Everywhere. Anytime. He explains that others would find him to be a boring person because he just lives and breathes guitar. But that is what excites him. That is his flame, his “pilot light”.

From that “pilot light” comes his greatness.

Can you say the same about your job? Your career? Your interest in your work?  Is what you do at work, YOUR “pilot light”? If not, what can you do to make it become such?!