You may have grown up winning at a few digital games when working the pads alone. But in the business world, going it alone is a formula for disaster.

You must learn to:

  1. Tap into a “Master Mind” See End Note 1 group or “eco-system”.
  2. Find at least one mentor.
  3. Cooperate with your colleagues instead of undermining them.
  4. Respect everyone. Manipulate no one.
  5. Become part of an “eco-system”.
  6. Make people feel good. But do so by genuinely and sincerely finding achievements or their strengths WORTHY of being acknowledged or complimented.
  7. Work hard to make yourself and your company succeed.
  8. Don’t be hesitant to ask for good advice. Don’t make a pest of yourself, but don’t shy from asking for help and advice with the hard stuff.
  9. Always give credit where credit is due. Be a nice person.
  10. Participate in organizations, associations, groups related to your area of specialty. Even charities makes for great exposure to those who have strengths that may help you and your career. All organizations, associations, and charities understand that participants are there to help each other grow not only the charity but in their own particular skills and experience.


  1. MASTER MIND. This concept was put forth by NAPOLEON HILL in his “GROW RICH” book and courses. However, people find that this concept often fails when they interpret this too literally. To make this work, think of this as reaching out to form alliances or even mentorships with those who have knowledge, experience and whatever other strength is required, THAT YOU DON’T HAVE. If you find cooperative people you can venture into what would otherwise be very risky ventures. With their help you’ll likely succeed. Without a MASTER-MIND group, you likely will often fail.