I recently discovered research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, October 14, 2014, titled, “Mediterranean Diets and Metabolic Syndrome in the PREDIMED Randomized Trial” by Babio, PhD., Toledo MD., PhD., et al. Layperson summary: if you are fat, eating olive oil and nuts will make you skinnier. [Spoiler alert: a really, really stupid idea. Don’t do it. ]

In that study, it was confirmed, that the Mediterranean diet, which includes nuts and Olive Oil, may temporarily cause the reversion of metabolic syndrome and that such an energy-unrestricted Mediterranean diet may be useful in reducing the risks of central obesity and hyperglycemia in people at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

That sounds just wonderful. But, really, it is nothing but misdirection.

That study pushes against commons sense with so much pressure such that one gets a headache just reading such nonsense. Eat or drink liquid fat and pour more fats into arteries so more cells can become more saturated with fat, the very thing that increases insulin resistance?

Quite literally, there is no free lunch when it comes to eating, especially if eating liquid fat. If we pour fat into our arteries we choke off precious oxygen needed by every cell and every organ of our bodies. We make fat more accessible to cells and muscles with more readily become clogged with fats and cause more problems for our insulin levels. Feed on fats, starve our organs and muscles. Why would MEDICAL  researchers encourage such nonsense?  Even if there appeared a temporary advantage over the American diet.

This study does prove one important thing: what you eat does have an affect on your body. FOOD DOES MATTER. What you eat does matter to health. Doctors, are you listening?

Eat fats, choke your arteries and muscles. Simple to understand. Simple to remember.

So, where did the notion of heart-healthy olive oil originate? From the 1970s, Lyon Heart Study that proved that, people who SWITCHED TO the “Mediterranean Diet” enjoyed remarkably-high, positive results, but only in their first year, against all diseases, from diabetes to heart attacks and strokes. As the years clicked by the benefits dropped dramatically. Beyond four years, 25% of the study participants died or had a cardiovascular event. Abysmal results.

Other studies involved examining arteries of animals after one year on the olive oil diet. Discovery: olive oil was just as damaging to arteries as any other fats. Arteries were being choked equally well by olive oil. Dietary fat does not spare nor protect arteries.

Arteries hate all dietary fats.

The real health-optimizing, effective, long-term Mediterranean diet:

  1. AVOID foods from creatures with faces, AVOID oils, eat nuts rarely and sparingly;  FILL UP with veggies, legumes, seeds, whole grains, and whole fruits, (not juices).
  2. Eat as much and as often as you wish provided it is from veggies, legumes, seeds, whole grains, and whole fruits, and you minimize or eliminate juices. No thinking required. No calorie-, or protein-gram counting. Just chow down when you want.
  3. Grow skinny faster by eliminating all fats, including nuts and olive oil.

Note: Before you make any changes to your health programs, diet, supplements, exercise, or prescriptions you must consult with your own doctor who is trained to diagnose, prescribe, treat, disease and illness.