A great way to add pizzazz to your resume is to mention one of your publications. Not published yet? Use this website to get published…quick, easy, convenient. Just click the tab, “Get Published” and try your hand at writing a “nugget” for this website. What makes a good nugget? Under “Categories” you can find a list of the most important subject areas for our website. Our readers are hungry for tips for working smarter, getting ahead, and improving job-hunting efforts.

Check the “Category” page and ask yourself if your experience fits into one of these subject areas. I can’t promise to publish everything received, but promise to give every submission a great deal of serious attention. Don’t worry about grammar or flow.  I’ll help with that, (“editing”), if needed. I have plenty of experience.

Seeing your “nugget” in print is fun. It also might make a good one-liner on your resume to add some sparkle to an otherwise boring resume.

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