What is happening on the global geo-political stage that the media is gently telling us about?

  • China builds three man-made islands in the middle of the ocean.
  • USA warns China to stop that. China ignores the USA.
  • Russia buzzes USA war ships.
  • USA tells Russia to stop that. Russia ignores the USA.
  • USA tells the world it is trying to help stop ISIS in Syria, spends billions, is ineffective.
  • Russia takes matters into its own hands, moves its tanks along Syria-Turkey border and in about 7 days stops the flow of ISIS oil and more importantly cripples its single-most source of revenue.
  • Yesterday, Zerohedge reported that the USA advised China of a planned harbouring of USA war fleet for a short visit to Hong Kong. China flatly rejects the USA.
  • USA publishes plans to penetrate the border established by the Chinese man-made islands. China warns USA not to do that.

This push back by such large nations is the equivalent of a boxer warming up before a big fight by striking a punching bag. Boom. Boom. Boom. And, Boom, boom, zonk.

Let’s hope, and let’s pray to GOD, that this is not adding up to anything more than mere exercise! Let’s hope everyone just backs off and cools down.

Peace rocks.

War sucks.