It’s YOU. Invest in yourself and you’ll reap the greatest rewards, from personal to financial.

Steps to making yourself a richer and more valuable human being:

  1. Take courses relevant to your objectives and continuously educate yourself.
  2. It is never too late to start working and learning in an area of expertise…any area. But allow yourself at least 5 years of hard work, hard study, and hard-knocks experiences. So, why wait? Start acquiring the expertise NOW.
  3. If you are fortunate enough to still have a good-paying job at a good employer who has a lucrative benefits program, take advantage of your employer’s educational and training programs…be assertive in getting more RELEVANT education and training while your employer covers the costs.
  4. Find a corporate mentor, or several. Someone whom you trust to help guide you through the bureaucracy and who is high enough to put in a good word for you, or even shield you, when the CEO is swinging his or her job-reduction axe.
  5. Eat healthy foods. Avoid the American diet and the current versions of the Mediterranean diet. Use common sense. If you eat fats it fills your blood stream with fats and the oxygen your organs need, especially your brain, has to struggle to be extracted from among the fat globules. To be smarter, eat smarter.
  6. Exercise. Even if you can’t break through the obvious commercialization and brainwashing that has so many Americans convinced that animal-sourced proteins are supposed to be healthy, exercise may be beneficial to you–but only upon your doctor’s approval, of course. Not only does exercise often, but not always, hold off a number of chronic diseases–typically caused by lifetime eating of the foods on the American and Mediterranean diets– but it also helps more oxygen get through to the organs to help keep them remain healthier and to do so longer.
  7. Save plenty of money for a rainy day…despite the smiley faces on TV reporting on a blossoming economy, look around and use common sense. The demographic curve has maxed out years ago. Demand is sloping downward on a global basis. What little demand is left that would have sustained manufacturing, if in America, is dwindling. The dwindling of global demand PLUS the exodus of companies vacating the USA strongly suggests it is a matter of time before you, too, may have to face your boss for a short meeting in which you hear those terrible words, “You are redundant” or, “You are part of our layoffs”, or “You are fired.”  So, save your money to get you over that hump of unemployment.  Ho much to save for that rainy day?  It used to be 6 months of pay. Now it takes between 24 months and 36 months as a safety cushion for your savings account, while looking for a replacement job.
  8. If you own big, then shrink. If you own a big house…now is the time to question you ability to handle that large home and the large costs associated to maintaining it. Can you afford it if you got laid off or fired? How secure is your job? If you can foresee any potential threats to holding your good-paying job, then transition to smaller everything, provided it effectively lowers your ongoing and total costs. Instead of 3 vehicles downsize to two or better, to one, if you can manage that. You pay less for operating costs, tires, brakes, insurance, etc. Look ahead, and if necessary decide to transition to smaller and fewer while you still are employed and still have the flexibility to do so.
  9. Do everything you can to reduce and pay off ALL DEBTS. Get yourself OUT of debt. Double up on your mortgage payments, if you can. Pay off your credit cards. Pay off your car loans. Pay down and pay off all borrowed money.
  10. Do everything you can to become a more valuable and more networked knowledge worker.
  11. Help others. Be kind to others. Be compassionate. There is a great, GREAT NEED, for volunteers in just about every aspect of helping people. Join a charity. Contribute in some way to help the sick or the have-nots, including the homeless. Do good deeds while your life is good. You may be on the receiving end, someday. Reach out today to help others.
  12. Be tolerant. You will meet many people who are at their wits end because of many factors, but especially because of the stress of losing their jobs, homes and families as a result of the cataclysmic shock to the American economy from all the lost jobs to overseas low-cost countries and the double whammy from the global collapse of consumerism from the demographic curve. Many of these people are so frustrated that they are turning suicidal and homicidal. Give people plenty of space. This is not the time to prove you are man or woman enough to aggressively fight back.
  13. Hold to your anchor. Or, get yourself one. Religion is often a great anchor in times of self-doubt, anxiety, etc. Many people find prayer to be effective in helping to motivate themselves through trying times. Or maybe you find motivational strength by practising some form of meditation. Or by participating in a particular social group. Or maybe it is a vast network of your friends and relatives.  Tie yourself to your anchor, but, remember: don’t expect your anchor to do the heavy lifting that you must do yourself to address and solve your problems.  A strong anchor helps merely as a source of consolation or strength.