Wouldn’t if be just dandy if whenever management wanted to get something done, it comes to YOU? How would you like to make yourself the center of their world? Make them think of you during their ever waking moment, almost?

Adopt the following action list and you’ll just about become the center of their universe:

  1. PERFORMANCE. Without a doubt, when you agree to doing something, you must do an exceptional job. You want to make everyone proud of even thinking of mentioning your name. Your name must equate with excellence and a “get-it-done” attitude.
  2. APPROACHABLE.  You have to have plenty of patience, tolerance, and be willing to consider the ideas and requests of others. If you are rebellious and obnoxious, you will push people away, including managers who may be able to support your career success. be welcoming when approached.
  3. REPUTATION. Manage the labels people place on you. Good labels need protecting and to be publicized. Bad labels need to be stopped and erased at the earliest opportunity. A good reputation is created using all the “personality” tools available to people, from excellent ethics to competent working methods.
  4. KNOW YOUR STUFF. If you are approached for a solution within an area of expertise, you’d better know your stuff. It’s in your best interest to acquire as much knowledge as possible within your area of expertise, including staying current or upgrading with evening courses, online courses, self-study, or other educational opportunities.
  5. EFFECTIVENESS. If you are a chatterbox or if you tend to procrastinate you become a costly asset to the corporation. On the other hand if you are able to execute a task or answer a question rather quickly, that is in a timely manner and with quality information, you become a more valuable asset to others within the company.
  6. BROADER KNOWLEDGE. Having an area of expertise is important but so is knowing enough about other areas around you and your area of expertise. Use your “downtime” to learn something about the jobs of others, about the processes that feed into and out of your area of expertise.
  7. FOLLOW-UP. It’s not enough to dump and run, so to say. Each inquiry, each request, each assignment, allows you an opportunity for a follow-up contact. Use that opportunity for your benefit. However you were asked to help, the responsibility and onus is on you until the task is properly implemented and in a timely manner. So, if you feed into someone else’s responsibility, follow up with them to let them know, by innuendo, that everything you do is highly valued by you, yourself, so, should also be highly valued by the recipient, too. Being a “follow-up” person will enhance your reputation. “If you ask, he or she will definitely pressure you to do/use it.”
  8. RESIDUAL “MOMENTS OF TRUTH”.  Keep your eyes open for follow-up opportunities to pass along more information or ideas that may still be valuable to the person who made the original request. It’s very impressive to others that you still care about them, or the task, weeks or months after your job was done.
  9. CREATE GOOD FEELINGS. Use all the tools you can, to make people feel welcomed. Create that sense that interacting with you was a pleasant experience for both parties, you and them.