After the USA and its Allies spent more than 4 years dropping bombs in Syria and feeding billions of dollars to supposed “rebel” fighters to resist Isis, Isis has been growing stronger than ever. The USA military and its Allies have proven, yet again, to be impotent in another of their campaigns, this time, in the campaign to squash Isis terrorists in Syria.

Recently when President Assad of Syria asked President Putin of Russia for some help in pushing back Isis, President Putin stood up and in diplomatic terms scolded the USA and its Allies, saying something to the effect that: enough was enough!

Within 72 hours Russian forces accomplish what I’d estimate to be about  35,000 hours of bombings by USA and its Allies FAILED to accomplish. Russia ripped apart Isis strongholds and is now moving on to destroy all supply lines to Isis to strangle the multi-headed monster.

With his popularity soaring in Russia, Russian people appear to be only too eager to pitch in to help Putin. As one example that was recently reported in, the RUSSIAN non-commercial Center for Research of Legitimacy and Political Protest offered up a program it created, labeled, “Laplace’s Demon” to help track, trace, and crush Isis online recruiting efforts.

“Laplace’s Demon” searches for connections to Isis recruiters by matching key words and phrases. Once targeted, law enforcement and the military are notified. The action switches from the digital sphere into the real world when law enforcement and military personnel hunt down and capture recruiters…no place to hide.

Now that Russia is fully engaged in helping Syria resist Isis, Isis will soon be extinct in Syria. How long does Isis in Syria have? No way to pin an expiry date on them, exactly, but with bombs being effectively dropped, with their supply lines effectively being cut off, and with fresh recruits and recruiters being intercepted, I’d bet it’ll be only weeks before we start asking ourselves, “What’s an ‘Isis’?”

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