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Are you BORN to FAIL?

The short answer?  “NOPE”. You were born to succeed. Let’s take a look at the dynamics of failing and succeeding. Here’s a checklist to help you to recognize the failure-drivers often motivating...

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How WEALTHY Become / Stay Wealthy

The wealthy know how to pass their wealth from generation to generation. Each generation is taught very valuable wealth-growing and wealth-protecting lessons. Here are SEVEN of those WELATH-BUILDING lessons used by...

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8-CRITICAL Points for your RESUME

In a recent LINKEDIN post “presented by XEROX”, the point is strongly made that the typical resume is dull, dry, and fails miserably to appeal to the human reader. While providing endless lists of day-to-day duties...

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No Photo? Why the Profile Mystery?

Okay. Let’s see if I understand this correctly? The majority of LinkedIn profiles feature photos, but your profile doesn’t? All your connections know who you are and what you look like, but you are hiding your photo...

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Job Search: Should You Use LinkedIn?

I’ve often been asked if job seekers should bother to upload their information to LinkedIn and use LinkedIn. The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. If you are looking for a job, certainly you must be on job boards like...

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Follow the Money: Upcoming GREAT Jobs

As you know, I read extensively so my readers won’t have to. One of the areas I pay attention to is the job front, looking for tips to provide to my readers to help with everything about the job search from resumes to...

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Great FUTURE Jobs? People Serving Machines

If you think unemployment problems are bad now, the years ahead are going to be BRUTAL. Various studies done in 2013, and this year, in 2014, are pointing out that about 50% of jobs in North America AND in Europe are going to be...

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Should You Use Head Hunter?

Reader “P”  asked: “I plan to aggressively apply to new job postings everywhere I can. Should I also use a head hunter, and if so, should I use more than one?” If you are going to aggressively apply to...

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