Author: Overseerguy

CARB Loading Hurts, Not Helps.

Before we jump into this gem of a NUGGET, remember that not all carbs are created equal. There is the DANGEROUS SIMPLE carbohydrates and there is the HEALTHY COMPLEX carbohydrates. So, when someone says “carbs”, nail...

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Crashed UFOs. Real? NO!!

Can you handle some straight up logical thinking? Since TV is playing up several programs, “Roswell” and “Project Blue Book” featuring alien beings travelling through space to land, albeit, CRASH land, on...

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Can it be, that what I am witnessing today being transacted by a company within the cannabis (marijuana) market space in Canada is a metaphor for a lesson I learned from a good friend of mine, a martial arts master? About my...

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Wanna Invest in Cannabis Stocks?

Lots of people are thinking that the next company that will be a monster like Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, or Google, will emerge from the recent free-for-all taking place in the CANNABIS SECTOR. And, those people are likely...

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