Recently,  Trump proclaimed that unemployment is really closer to 22% and not roughly the 4% that the government and its publicity arms, your favorite news channels, have been telling you.

Is Trump correct? Is unemployment really closer to 22% and not the government’s approx. 4%?

 Does the USA really have nearly 1 in 4 workers out of work, as Trump proclaimed?

Each week we read of more companies reducing their workforces and claiming to do so in what we assume is a humane manner, that is, by reducing the workforce through “attrition”. That may sound compassionate, but if you peel away the layers you come to understand that no company can be patient enough to wait months or years for retirements or for people to voluntarily leave. Despite calling the downsizing program, “attrition”, you can bet there are many jobs that are declared redundant and workers laid off without recourse. “Attrition”, these days, is as brutal as any other program of layoffs done at any other previous period of time.

Yesterday, CNN was vigorously trying to unseat Trump’s proclamation that unemployment is at around 22%. They argued that Trump saying unemployment is closer to 22% was nonsense. But the economist could argue no real facts, just that Trump can’t know it to be 22% because he is not an economist. As if being an economist is a right unto its own. Take a close look at the facts.

America has almost 100 million people unemployment and on food stamps. That’s a third of its population. That alone signals a disconnect with that 4% number that would suggest that 13 million people in America are without jobs. And those with jobs are often found to be working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.

If it looks like unemployment, smells like unemployment, hurts like unemployment…it has to be unemployment!

There is a highly respected economist out there who has been “getting it right” over the years, John Williams, PhD, a statistical economics expert, and founder of the valuable newsletter at In recent interviews, John Williams did say that we are in the midst of a recession. Score another point for Trump’s unabashed comments that shake up the “establishment”.

Despite the government and the talking heads on CNN refusing to call the economy for what it is, Trump did so, and so did a statistical expert in economics, John Williams.

Williams mentioned that we are experiencing bad numbers for Industrial Production,  Retail Sales, Housing and from companies reporting their financials to Wall Street investors.

So, Trump is being forthright and honest despite the massive efforts of the media to discredit his knowledge of economics. By the way…successful business people, like Trump, ARE the economy!

John Williams, an EXPERT in economic statistics claims that unemployment is at 22.8%.See End Note 1 

Seems that Donald Trump keeps on telling us what the “white shoe boys from Harvard and Yale” don’t want you to know.End Note 2

Today the head of the Republic National Convention, one of the power brokers of the “establishment”,  made a public appearance to try to walk back the truth spoken by Donald Trump. But facts and truth can’t be rolled back, only disguised.


  1. “Bulletin No. 790: Labor Conditions, Money Supply M3, Trade Deficit and Construction Spending” By John Williams, PhD. Shadow Government Statistics. March 5th, 2016.
  2. Gerald Celente often uses this terminology when referencing the privileged class of politicians and big bankers who, for person gain, are manipulating the general public.