Crop circles?  Really?

Aren’t those made by two guys with a board, at night, as a lark?  Possibly. But they’d have to have a very thick passport and lots of money to jet around the world…and a very good eye to make miles-long lines…and they’d have to be about 8,000 years old. So, no. crop circles are not made by 2 guys and a board as the New York Times claimed back in the early 1990’s to distract readers from concerns over crop circles.

Almost every country in the world has had one or more crop circles. They have appeared in ancient history and some of those can still be seen from high altitudes. 2 men and a board doesn’t explain the more recent crop circles over the more recent decades. Nor does it explain another phenomenon associated to crop circles: the hidden code.

There is one investigative reporter out there who is still holding to the purity of what investigative reporters are all about: Linda Moulton Howe. Her science background and her powerful curiosity has taken her on a quest to discover answers to such phenomenon as crop circles.  What she uncovered was knowledge among authorities that those crop circles contain binary coded messages of importance to mankind.

A recent crop circle formation had 3 binary coded messages intertwined in its fractal-like, massive graphic. When authorities unravelled the binary code they learned it was ASCII table, (see image below),  and the message was a warning.

Simply stated the message advised mankind to accelerate its development of technology to protect the planet from some near-future disaster. There might have been much more to the message but authorities have not said.

This warning does make sense. Earth travels through space and we take for granted our safety while we speed through space at speeds far exceeding that a speeding bullet and rocket ships…at thousands of miles per hour.  We remain oblivious to the potential for life extinction events such as a collision with any one of the billions of massive pieces of exploded planets from billions of years ago that liters the galaxy, some of which come from distant parts of our galaxy and many more yet to come. Earth somehow travels and dodges comets, asteroids, and whatever else is out there. But we can’t keep dodging those large pieces of ice and planets forever.

It does make sense to get off our butts and do more to invent technology that can get ahead of these potential disastrous threats that await us in space. I think every one of you can agree that the message makes sense and every government on earth ought to be united to this one cause…making some kind of repulsion beam or some kind of protective barrier to protect mankind from colliding with space debris from exploded planets.

What still baffles me, though, is who sends those messages and how do they create them with such precision?… And, especially, why has no one ever seen the messenger?

ASCII code