As I write this, (Sept. 6, 2015), Scientists at the CERN Hadron Collider complex are preparing for the moment when they will press the “full-power” button in a few weeks time.  At that time we either kiss our ass good-bye, as fear mongers would have us believe, or we will continue on with our day as if nothing happened.

In either case, scientists will be buried under the avalanche of useful information they will discover.

Rest assured that after they fire up the CERN collider in a few weeks, the world will go on. Earth is robust enough to tolerate anything we humans can throw at it. We humans have proven this thousands of times. The people doing the experiments are brilliant scientists. They may not be able to control everything that happens this time, but the only way to know is to go for it after having done all the careful scrutiny, experimentation leading to it, and enveloping it in all the safety checks they have. It’s time to flip the power-on switch and go for it. This kind of thinking is riling the fear mongers.

The negative heads out there are criticizing everything about CERN. Even the CERN logo and the statue out front of the building.

The logo, it is implied, represents the elite brandishing the evil number 666. Silly.  What purpose would that serve? Absolutely no purpose. So that can’t be what is going on with the logo. A bit more reflection and one can easily appreciate my theory, my opinion. The numbers in the logo can just as easily be representing the number 9, as in 999, a much happier number, indeed.  Yet, whether 666 or 999 the evil or happiness associated with it is LIKELY not the message behind the logo. Likely, the creator of the logo was trying to capture and express the new science taking place within the CERN collider complex.

Joseph P. Farrell revealed that scientists discovered that by creating spinning fields at the moment of detonation of an atomic bomb the power of the bomb can be multiplied many times over. The CERN collider, a particle accelerator,  creates spinning fields.  Hence, it is my hypothesis that the use of the number 999 represents the logo creator’s expression combining, revealing, both the equipment and the methodology of generating spinning fields within the CERN collider. It is always challenging to create expressive logos. If you follow my thinking then you will agree that this logo creator was a genius in using the overlapping 999 to symbolize the birth of the new science unfolding within the CERN collider complex.

Then there is the concern that the statue outside of the CERN complex represents evil because it is a statue of SHIVA. To explain SHIVA the fear mongers use only a partial description that so nicely fits as a sound bite to create hysteria among the masses. Once again fear mongers theorize that the elite are brandishing the obvious in our faces by erecting a statue, that, according to the fear mongers, represents the Hindu god of destruction.  But what of the rest of what SHIVA represents?  The other part of the SHIVA story is about making way for rebirth, for the new. SHIVA reportedly represents the destruction of the old, the removal or dissipation of what was,  in order to make room for ,and give birth, to the NEW.  This is much the same as a hired construction company does when asked to build a newer, better, more useful building where an old building now stands. I prefer to think of SHIVA as a statue to what new sciences will spill forth from the CERN collider experiments once we remove all the old science which is limiting our progress. Nothing scary about that!

Here are just some of the many other questions to which they might get some answers:

  •  What’s beyond the “God Particle”, the Higgs-Boson particle, now that they have discovered that beyond qarks lies “Penta-Quarks”?  Even through CERN experiments at lower power than what they will use in a few weeks they validated the existence of the “God Particle”, quarks and “Penta-Quarks”. Though you and I can’t put a “Penta-Quark” to good use to buy a loaf of bread you can bet that Scientists can make good use of “Penta-Quarks” to unravel the mysteries of how matter is formed.
  • The magnets used to contain and to accelerate the atomic material within the collider itself must be extremely powerful. How powerful are they? This is taken right from the CERN website: “The main dipoles generate powerful 8.4 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field.”  Will this affect, alter, destroy the earth’s magnetic fields? Will it cause the earth’s magnetic poles to flip such that the magnetic north pole heads south to Antarctica?
  • Will scientists be able to glimpse into another world, another dimension, another realm?
  • Is this the culmination of the writings and teachings left to us by the ancient, intelligent civilizations that were on earth, or visited earth, over 40,000 years ago?
  • Will this take us into, or open, a worm hole of some sort? If so, will that bridge us with another side of the universe or let us glimpse time backward or time forward, if time can possibly be viewed in that way?
  • Is the experiment going to open up a door to let strange beings, spirits, even “gods” who might step through to earth? If so, will those “gods” be evil or be good to us?
  • After learning new information, or validating information and science already known but being kept secretively and away from the masses, will CERN scientists be able to accelerate, no pun intended, our aerospace technology and capabilities such that our human-built aircraft will be able to overcome the limitations of flying and space travel as we know it today? In other words, will it help us to do what the USS Enterprise does in the movie, STAR TREK?

Until we learn of all the good science that can come from the upcoming CERN experiments, don’t worry too much about the experiments. Trust me. The world has never ended based on any other end-of-world warning in the past. The world surely will not end in a few weeks. So, don’t party too hard or incur too much debt thinking you won’t need to face the consequences of binging or your credit cards come October.