Your are exhausted, worn out, and possibly in a downward spiral into oblivion, depression, or, at least, really bad days because of the ENERGY VAMPIRES that are sucking your energy out of your mind and body.

We don’t have real vampires in real life. But we do have people, jobs, situations, actions, comments, that attack our energy and do drain our energy in much the same way as a fictitious vampire would such the blood from our body. Situations, people, debts, you name it, can be a source of anxiety or disillusionment, or a reason for failed expectations and, thereby, drain us of our energy. Because we don’t normally stop to think that our exhaustion may come from people or situations surrounding us on a daily basis, we don’t address this matter as a problem. We then spiral down the rabbit hole into exhaustion.

A very brilliant lady, CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS, refers to these energy vampires as TAPEWORMS. She uses this analogy to explain that your energy, money, time, efforts, anxiety, focus, investments, savings, spending, and every other resource you have, goes to the tapeworms in your life. Tapeworms generate some sort of molecule that works its way to the brain to make the brain CRAVE WHATEVER THE TAPEWORM NEEDS TO FEED ON to ensure the tapeworm, not you, survives, thrives and multiplies. Simply stated, she says that TAPEWORMS often exert great influence on people. But people can break free of those tapeworms.

There are plenty of resources out there that can HELP YOU. I have heard cynical people with strong opinions, poorly founded and poorly researched, mind you, claiming that those very same resources don’t work. But those cynical people ignore the millions that used those same helpful techniques and have proven they do work. This is just one example of how attitude and opinion can drain one of energy.

People and situations that don’t cause anxiety, fear, embarrassment, sadness, and other negative emotions or reactions can be very ENERGISING. Seek out those people and situations and your will find your energy will likely rebound. Break free of your vampires and do the things that help you to succeed.

For every action you take, every person in your life, every commitment you make, every debt you incur, any food or drink, every attitude you carry, every OPINION you formed, and every morsel of TIME and MONEY you waste or spend, ask yourself if it can ENERGISE or DRAIN you.

Identify your VAMPIRES and turn your back on them. Find energising people, activities, investments, jobs, etc., and engage them to help boost your energy.