Another research study, and subsequent warning, emerges that identifies a potential DANGEROUS problem with another nutritional supplement…Danger warnings emerge again and again when it comes to nutrition supplements.

Once again we learn that, because the SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY is poorly regulated, [read: not regulated by the FDA], another so-called vitamin-, and nutritional-supplement, has the potential to do you more harm than good.

By now you should know that, even if the most reputable stores carry jars, bottles, and packages of a nutritional supplement with the most professional-looking, most attractive, most fascinating labels, it still may be a supplement that is produced in someone’s kitchen. Or, that the person in his or her kitchen, or the company making it, or the company supplying the raw materials for it, may be disregarding cross-contamination prevention practices or other proper hygiene practices. Even if the hygiene and product output controls are the highest in the industry, the source may have provided substandard product or have mis-calculated the dosages ro have cultivated the base ingredients from contaminated soils or sources. Any of these variables can result in you wasting your money or even something more dangerous, INDUCING CHRONIC or ACUTE DISEASES. In the case of contaminants in a supplement, if you have an allergy to one of those contaminants, that supplement may even pose a threat to your life.

But, hey.  Vitamins are cheap, compared to prescribed pharmaceuticals. And, people get a strange sense of empowerment when buying and swallowing an attractively packaged product while hoping the pill or powder will do at least some good. So and so said it will, so there must be some truth to it?  No. No. No.

Anecdotes are bought and paid for in one way or another. Even if not paid for, the person appearing in the anecdote has something to gain for doing so. But I digress. Let’s get back to our topic of the POTENTIAL dangers in SOME red yeast rice…

RED YEAST RICE is a nutritional supplement. The dangers associated to it is not much different than the dangers associated to any other non-regulated supplement. In this case, in the case of red yeast rice, it may contain a dangerous toxin. The toxin in question may result in CANCER. Before we jump into that discussion, you may be curious and want to know why people are taking red yeast rice pills.

To control their cholesterol without having to take expensive, high-quality, medically-prescribed, cholesterol-controlling pharmaceuticals. Because it is “natural”, (after processing, it isn’t), it must be good for you. Right? No better than any other supplement for any other proclaimed treatment of any other proclaimed health problem. In the case of red yeast rice, some people might even go deeper into a danger zone if they take red yeast rice pills when they are also already taking a medically-prescribed cholesterol-lowering Statin.  Excessive dosages resulting from medically prescribed statins plus an over dosage of red yeast rice can result in memory loss or permanent liver damage as just two of the possibilities. By digging into this in a way proper to learning of potential side effects we discover a warning issued by an independent, internal medical expert.

In a recent newsletter, Dr. Gabe Mirkin warns that some  red yeast pills may do almost nothing, and some may far exceed dosages stated on their labels: “…furthermore, SOME red yeast rice supplements may contain a toxin, citrinin, which can damage kidneys and that causes cancer in animals.” See End Note 2

Once again I am trying to warn my readers that just  SUPPLEMENTS are not regulated and may not be safe!!  An unregulated industry is open to many forms of abuse and victimization.  Problems may vary from a financial con, to a product con, to contamination, to allergens, to overdosages.  When you see a supplement, no matter how attractive the package, you may still be buying something that contains all kinds of harmful ingredients which may not be identified on the label. So, the brilliant bobble-heads of the supplement industry will counter with, “BUYER BEWARE.”

And since there is no economical way for individuals to lean on BUYER BEWARE, the supplement industry laughs at you and does so all the way to their banks. Once in a while, when independent labs test are performed on commercially available supplements, even when sold in big, reputable pharmacies/drug stores, and often it is discovered that the ingredients fail to meet the labelling, including containing some nasties. Even if you pay a lot of money, you don’t necessarily get what you pay for.

Are you wasting your money buying supplements of any sort, including red rice yeast? Are you endangering yourself instead of optimizing your health?  Time will tell. Some supplements may be harmless while being ineffective at delivering on their promise; others, may be downright dangerous and may even shorten your life.

A good dose of COMMON SENSE goes a long way.

Many health issues that result in chronic disease can be addressed with changes to one’s diet WITHOUT the need for any supplement. Think of supplements as any other pharmceutical/drug.  Take it if your doctor has discovered some deficiency or specific health need that requires supplemental nutrients and is part of your doctor-designed thereapy and treatment.

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  1. You may be making yourself get OLDER FASTER and DIE SOONER by taking certain “nutritional” supplements. Be sure to read “ACCELERATING AGE-RELATED DISEASES: SUPPLEMENTS”, [click here],  Also, read a bit further by entering the terms “vitamin” or  “supplement” into our search box.
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