For those who have been long-time readers, you’ve heard me warning repeatedly about the paradox of taking supplements to achieve optimal health. Supplements taken to improve health may have just the opposite effect over a long enough period of time.

And…so we discover this paradox once again from ANOTHER STUDY about yet another supplement that can DAMAGE rather than optimize your health.

As a rule, your best source of nutrients is nutritionally-dense foods, not supplements, unless your doctor prescribes a specific supplement to treat a specific disease or deficiency or as part of a medical treatment program.

Recently a study emerged that shows some of the most innocuous of vitamins, thought to be among the safest as a supplement, and touted as necessary to boost energy or necessary to optimize the body’s energy cycle, is found to carry with it a need to be cautious. And, YES.  Dosage does matter.

The following link will provide all the information you may need on this most recent learning: