Once again we learn that trying to reverse chronic, (long-term), damage to our organs, in this case, our brain, can’t be reversed simply by swallowing a pill. Though we wish it could.  For that reason, the wish for magic pills, we are happy that pharmaceutical companies are spending billions chasing pills to work such near-instant reversal of our diseases. Unfortunately, our bodies are so complex that those companies often fail to invent drugs that can overpower nature to make any difference at all.

Another pharmaceutical fails to present evidence of their newest drug making any significant improvements for patients suffering from early-stage dementia.  Having read about this, I shook my head as I empathized with the millions of people who would be disappointed by that recent news. I had to wonder if, for many people, they know that the answer to their dilemma has been in front of them all along? Likely not. Thus, the reason I am writing this Nugget. I hope YOU will share it with someone you love if you think this will be of help.

A major pharmaceutical recently reported that their newest drug failed to offer any meaningful, “magnitude”,  improvements. They discovered this after extensive investments into, and testing of, a drug to improve the quality of life for those suffering from early-stage dementia. So hopes for a magic pill evaporate once again. Nevertheless, there STILL MAY BE HOPE FOR MANY people with early-stage dementia, especially mild dementia attributable to lifestyle choices, and a lifetime of uninformed behaviour.

FOR MANY OF YOU, who are concerned about early-stage Altzheimer’s and dementia and want to do something about it while you still can, it may be helpful to read the book mentioned in my End Note below. That is a book by Dr. Neal Barnard in which, believe it or not, he and other doctors have substantial research and application in their medical practices that leads him to write, “Research suggests that food and lifestyle choices can help protect you, whatever genetic hand you’ve been dealt.”See End Note

Research suggests that food and lifestyle choices can help protect you, whatever genetic hand you’ve been dealt

For yourself, and your loved ones, you may still have time to learn a bit more about this matter and to do something about it before it is too late…I am posting this Nugget in hopes it helps some of my readers head off the ravages of early memory loss. Best wishes for your health. READ THE BOOK!


  • POWER FOODS FOR THE BRAIN: an effective 3-step plan to PROTECT YOUR MIND and STRENGTHEN YOUR MEMORY  by Neal Barnard, MD. Grand Central Lifestyle. 2013. p. 13.