If you are wondering why your company is not doling out big wage increases, job promotions, and expanding,  look no further than the global demographic curve.

Despite the fictional stories you read in the press or hear on TV about the economy expanding and jobs being created, an expanding economy just does not meet the test of COMMON SENSE. How can it be possible that the USA economy is healthy or expanding when good-paying jobs are disappearing to low-wage, low-regulation, and lower-tax countries? Or when people who can find jobs have to work 2 or 3 low-wage jobs to make ends meet? And, especially, when the biggest spenders in our history, the “BOOM-ers” have traded what they are buying from cars to walking canes;  large homes to tiny rooms in nursing homes or hospitals; vacations for vaccinations; BBQ steaks, burgers, and pizza  for angiograms, stents, by-passes, and caskets.

Claims of a stable or expanding economy just does NOT MAKE SENSE.

Even China’s economy and employment is beginning to stall and roll over. It’s looking more and more like China’s economy is headed for a major crash that will shake the financial world like a size-10 Richter-Scale earthquake.

India is the talk of the economic future. Possibly. But not for another 10 to 15 years.  But by then China will dominate manufacturing because of its strategic investments of today into automation and robotics. ..No other countries need apply.

With these trends and events taking place right under our noses, how, then, can the news about the American economy continue to be so upbeat day after day? Is “somebody” fabricating happy numbers? The TRUTH is out there. “Real” numbers about the economy and employment are far different than what you get from the mass media. SHADOWSTATS.com, a website that is owned by a professional economist, tracks the REAL DATA and tells the real story.

While the mass media reported that unemployment numbers fell, John Williams of Shadowstats.com clarified that it was because frustrated job seekers left the job-search marketplace and simply gave up. The reality is that May unemployment increased. By the way, no matter WHO GETS ELECTED, he or she will not be able to reverse the global slump.

Numbers don’t lie. But they can be spun into an exciting fiction.

If you are one of the lucky ones with a good job, prepare yourself for  the worst which is yet to come. Use common sense, now, before it is too late, such as doing all you can to hold onto a good job and protecting your income and investments.

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