You may not have heard of her. Nonetheless, WATCH THE VIDEO. She is a great public speaker, as you will see in the video below. She is addressing an audience that includes a number of the foremost doctors in America who are reversing heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Watch her poise. Watch her ability to handle an audience. Watch how she builds rapport. Notice how the audience is participating and is enthralled in her every word. Later in the video you will learn how she is helping many other women. And, men, too. That is what qualifies her for greatness.

Admittedly, she stands on the shoulders of the great doctors who are curing chronic diseases caused by the American diet, and by chronic diseases caused by the current interpretation of the Mediterranean diet. But she literally leaps from there. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video.

I invite you to add this brilliant chef and public speaker to your watch list and to visit her website. To visit Chef  AJ’s website, click here.

VIDEO CREDITS: Originally posted at the Dr. McDougall website,  The version below is linked to YOUTUBE where it was posted by Dr. McDougall.  Chef AJ was a guest presenter at the Sept. 2015 Dr. McDougall Health and Medical center workshop. Inspiring.

P.S.: the video title was chosen by Chef AJ. Its hers, not mine…