How’s this for brilliant logic, [tongue in cheek]?

When asked in the investigative report, (to which I provide a convenient link for you at the end of this nugget), to show evidence to support a plethora of its health CLAIMS, the spokesperson for one vitamin manufacturer responded, pretty much with: people said so. Nothing substantial to support claims, yet they are selling up a storm largely because of making many UNSUBSTANTIATED claims.

The investigative reports below uncovered a HUGE industry from products that lack solid, scientific, valid, EVIDENCE-BASED DATA.

Welcome to the supplement industry.  The con is in and you are the mark.

Even more alarming, there are companies operating out of the corner of someone’s kitchen where they stuff capsules with God-knows-what? and sell them under professional-looking labels.  Admittedly, not all vitamin manufacturers and “health” stores are selling products with such deceptive labelling.  But how can the consumer distinguish good, honest labels from deceptive ones?  Watch the investigative reports and see if you, too, can learn how…But as a teaser, let me tell you more of what you’ll learn in those investigative reports, below.

The FIFTH ESTATE conducted an eye-opening investigative report of its own, (link below). To give you a taste of what you’ll learn, and much more:

  1. Some women grew moustaches and beards; even, unwanted hair “elsewhere” by unwittingly taking supplements contaminated with anabolic steroids. They trusted the manufacturer and the label.
  2. Some fish oil capsules, (Omega), can be filled with rancid oil. [Let me mention, rancid oil is damaging to cells.]
  3. Often labels or literature is deceptive.

Even when you buy a supplement from an honest manufacturer who practices honest labelling, there is the larger discussion of what happens when a person takes concentrated nutrients by means of supplements. And the news for taking too much of a supplement is generally NOT GOOD. There can be a host of longer-term, (chronic) diseases that can be either caused or ACCELERATED by taking too much of any supplement. Sometimes, as in the case of ATRIAL FIBRILLATION (heart arrhythmia), it can be caused by taking too much potassium or other electrolytes in supplement form that may upset the electrical impulses of the heart and cause you to have to live with permanent damage to the heart. You’ll know you had too much Potassium  if you survive the ambulance ride into emergency. When you have an episode of A-Fib, you risk experiencing MAJOR DANGER from blood clots that the heart can kick into the blood stream and that can float into the brain to cause major stroke.

Most people who swallow vitamins because of what they read in ads, on labels, or on websites written by non-scientists have no idea what they are messing with, though they cite what amounts to someone’s belief despite the lack of sound, valid, evidence-based research.  Here’s a sampling of  POSSIBLE or known dangers from taking TOO MUCH of some supplements:

  • Omega-3: possibly linked to increased risks of prostate cancer [Source:]
  • vitamin-D: possible heart problems, especially Atrial Fibrillation
  • vitamin-E: possibly causes prostate CANCER
  • Potassium: possibly causes atrial fibrillation
  • protein: possibly can destroy kidneys

There is a growing body of EVIDENCE-BASED RESEARCH proving that consumers are wasting their money by scarfing down supplements they don’t need, or worse, that aren’t even in the bottle as the label claims.

In another article to help inform supplement consumers, we learn that supplements often do not provide “Anti-Oxidant” protection against “Free Radical” damage to cells, but it is popular for the supplement industry to con consumers into thinking supplements offer that protection. Such Anti-Oxidant protection is supposed to protect us against diseases such as cancer. Yet studies prove that supplements promoting Anti-Oxidant properties do NOT PROTECT from cancer.  [Source: “10 surprising dangers of vitamins and supplements-don’t assume they’re safe because they’re ‘all natural’ ” Consumer Reports magazine. Sept., 2012 ] 

To the point about taking supplements for their anti-oxidant protective benefits against free radical damage, as the supplement industry has been touting for decades, listen to what QUALIFIED researchers are now saying.  “Drs. Tuveson and Chandel explain why…taking antioxidant supplements, can actually promote cancer…in several trials antioxidant supplementation has been linked with increased rates of certain cancers. [Source: “How antioxidants can accelerate cancers, and why they don’t protect against them”, ScienceDaily. July 10, 2014 . ]

Regarding anti-oxidants, did you know that your body makes all it needs, naturally, and that the best source of extra anti-oxidants is from vegetables and fruits? If you exercise,  your body makes more to cope with the cellular processes from exercising.

Be an informed consumer and help protect yourself. Watch the following investigative reports: 

“Vitamins and Supplements: Magic Pills” by THE FIFTH ESTATE. Nov. 20, 2015.

“Supplements: Are you getting what you’re promised?” by Marketplace. Nov. 20, 2015. 

[Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or research scientist. Today’s nugget (post) is for information purposes only. Before making any changes to your health management or dietary programs or any current programs and therapies, whether prescribed by your professional or not, you should seek professional, qualified medical advise by consulting with your doctor who is authorized, trained and qualified to diagnose and treat disease and who has the authority to prescribe medications or other therapies. No claim is made for the health benefits of any vitamin, mineral, or protein nor any representation for any company. Before making any changes to your lifestyle or any other routine or therapy, be sure to consult the appropriate authority who is well qualified to make recommendations for changes. ]