[Before making any changes to your diet, exercise, medicines, treatment or any other therapy plan, be sure to consult with your doctor.]

There are many valid reasons why you don’t know, and are seldom told about, valuable nutritional information that can successfully treat, even reverse, many diseases. Conspiracy or collusion is NOT one of them.

It is because of:

  • companies and employees trying to sell more of their products and services
  • medical schools lacking nutrition training for doctors
  • narrowly focused research
  • thousands of other human reasons, but likely not a conspiracy.

But I’m about to change all of that, for you, with my “ladder” of valuable sources of what I consider to be the most helpful, usable, and practical nutrition information available. I will provide information sources from doctors who have rescued desperate patients CONSISTENTLY with their PROVEN strategies generating PREDICTABLE SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES. In other words, when it comes to erasing complexity from nutrition, and to providing the FOREMOST PATH FORWARD, it doesn’t get more helpful than this.

The ladder and explanations that follow stresses the POWER and the IMPORTANCE that good nutrition plays in optimizing your health and in halting or reversing many forms of disease caused by missing information in the repertoire of people just like you. By reading these few books you can almost master the science of nutrition and in the process you certainly will learn how to:

  • add years to your lifespan
  • improve your body image to capture and project that “inner glow”
  • reduce body weight, body odour, depression
  • build a protective wall against many diseases, even be able to reverse some long-term diseases
  • possibly even switch OFF harmful genes

It is YOUR DUTY to arm yourself with the most useful information in nutrition to maximize your own health.

By learning the information in these few, ENJOYABLE-TO-READ, and EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND books, you will be able to fill in the missing information and spot fallacies that continue to harm even patients.

Inherited GENES are blamed for many chronic diseases: high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, etc.  NUTRITION can SWITCH OFF some of those dangerous genes.  [paraphrasing Collin T. Campbell.]

NOTE: Following the image below, please find explanations for each book.



If you could only afford to buy one book, I’d strongly urge you to buy THE STARCH SOLUTION, By John A. McDougall, MD,  and Mary McDougall. Here’s why. When people examine their food choices, they become easily confused because of a lifetime of misinformation about food, about what you need, ought to, and must eat. This single book will be a game changer for you and will up your nutritional expertise by a thousand-fold or more. It is the base text, in my opinion, the foundation for the ladder of information I’ve assembled for you in the above image. If you read this book you will KNOW HOW to substitute food choices from bad to GOOD FOOD choices that, in turn, will fuel, support, and motivate your quest for optimum health. You will gain the expertise to switch out damaging foods you love for foods you  love even more  which will help to restore optimum health. Before you even dare to climb the ladder to optimizing your health, and to make your climb sustainable for an entire REMAINING LIFETIME, you MUST LEARN HOW TO SUBSTITUTE FOODS from harmful to supportive and helpful. It’s actually a no-brainer, and VERY EASY TO DO, once you hear what Dr. McDougall has to say. This book will teach you how. THEN, equipped with the power of smart food substitution, start climbing to the next wrung of my nutrition-knowledge ladder, if your budget, enjoyment, and time permit.


On this wrung of the nutrition-knowledge ladder you can learn how to rebuild your heart. If your budget, interest, and time permit, buy: PREVENT and REVERSE HEART DISEASE, By Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.,  MD.  Here’s why. This book tells you how to fix your heart so it continues to pump strongly for the rest of your life and how to enjoy a healthier LONGER LIFETIME, too.  Your heart is the single-most important organ of the body. Sorry, guys…it’s not that other one. It’s the heart. Your heart has the tough job of pushing blood to every other organ. Yes, guys, including that other one!  Once arteries constrict, the heart has a tougher job of it. If the heart can no longer push and force blood into any one of your organs, that organ fails. Yes, guys, including that other one. If that organ is the brain, you are toast. If that organ is the heart itself, you are toast. If that organ is the liver, kidneys, spleen, you pick the organ, you experience organ failure which can result in anything from simple embarrassment, (for guys), to death. To have heart, so to speak, that is to achieve your supreme-ultimate health and to sustain it for the rest of your life, you must have a healthy heart. To have a healthy heart you have to have healthy arteries. This book coaches you through the information you need to know to become a heart-, and artery-healthier person.


I’d suggest buying a copy of DR. NEAL BARNARD’S PROGRAM FOR REVERSING DIABETES,  By Dr. Neal Barnard, MD.  Here’s why. I don’t mean to bore you, but by now you know that diabetes is a pandemic that ravages the USA and is spreading like wildfire to China and places to which our best and highest-paid jobs are flowing. But let’s talk about America. Far too many people are contracting Type-2 diabetes and it is cascading to lower and lower age groups. It is no longer the “disease of the elderly”. If you are slightly to critically overweight, then this book becomes an absolute MUST READ. If you are starting to look more like an apple than a svelte athlete you may be, or may be becoming, pre-diabetic. This book is for you. If you are knowingly overweight, or have been trying to lose weight through any number of dieting programs and repeatedly fail, this book is a must read for you. This book provides the single-most important piece of missing information for people struggling with weight gain and failed attempts at weight loss.


DR. MCDOUGALL’S DIGESTIVE TUNE-UP. By Dr. John A. McDougall, MD.  Here’s why. Another group of medical problems in our society, and that we are now exporting to other countries, is that associated to discomforts and diseases of the digestive systems. For many of you, this book will teach you easy-to-understand information that may make you one of the “lucky” ones who are able to stop and almost completely eliminate such digestive troubles as heartburn, or worse, acid reflux which, left unattended can lead to some forms of cancer. You’ll also similarly learn about what to do about simple indigestion, gallbladder pain, constipation, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and many more diseases of the digestive tract. This book is filled with readable information that may pertain to your particular problem and that may prove helpful to both you and your doctor when you do visit your doctor for diagnosis and a treatment plan. Or, if you have not yet had a chance to discuss your digestive troubles with your doctor, this book may provide you with some action steps you might be able to take until you do get a professional diagnosis.


BREAKING THE FOOD SEDUCTION, By Neal Barnard, MD. Here’s why. People blame themselves for binging on snacks late at night while watching their favorite TV shows. The next morning, those same people step on the scale and, after cursing, look in the mirror and blame themselves for lacking the willpower to choose to avoid eating those tempting, fattening foods. But later that night, the cycle begins anew. In this book you will learn that it is NOT JUST YOU who ought to be blamed. Discover what foods, snacks, and non-foods, have been engineered to be purposefully HABIT FORMING.  That’s right. certain foods are ADDICTIVE in the truest sense of the word. And, you will approach and struggle with that “first one”, that first taste of your favorite addictive snacks or non-foods for the evening, in as much of a rush as an alcoholic or heroine addict. Here’s the surprise. It is not just junk food but those so-called healthy foods you are encouraged to eat by the notorious food pyramid. But, here’s the difference. This book will fill in the valuable information you have been missing. You will learn what foods and snacks and non-foods are addictive and WHY. This book will also outline a plan to help you control those temptations that surround you. Once you know what foods are going to tempt you the most, you can learn to kick any addictive behaviour you associated to that particular food or snack by following Dr. Barnard’s helpful plan for fighting food addiction.


POWER FOODS FOR THE BRAIN, By Neal D. Barnard, MD.  Here’s why. Learn an effective method to help PROTECT YOUR MEMORY as you age. If you are worried about memory loss in a few year’s time, or are experiencing memory problems right now, then now is the time to take positive steps to help protect yourself and your brain. If you have Altzheimer’s  in your “genes”, in your “family history”, then you absolutely ought to read this book. Though you have the genes, it may not be predetermined, YET, that you will definitely be taken out by Altzheimer’s. This is a book of strategies to reduce your chances of losing your memory and for strengthening your current memory powers. It’s an absolute shame to have worked hard all your life, to have sacrificed all your life, to have loved others all your life, and not be able to remember any of that during your last decade on this earth! Do something bout it. Here’s your chance to take Dr. Barnard’s suggested appropriate actions to help nourish rather than to further damage your brain.


WHOLE: RETHINKING THE SCIENCE OF NUTRITION, By T. Colin Campbell, PhD. and Howard Jacobson, PhD. Here’s why. Almost each day you read about this or that single vitamin, mineral, enzyme, protein, amino acid, and on and on, that is suddenly discovered to have supreme-ultimate health benefits. Learn why those miracle pronouncements result in disappointments years down the road when a battery of studies emerge which claim just the opposite results. But most important of all, learn what does work, why it works, and how you can incorporate the most inexpensive solutions to optimizing your health, rather than wasting hard-earned money on near-useless but expensive drugs, supplements, foods, etc. This new paradigm of nutritional science, the new rules that all doctors, health organizations, and especially nutritionists ought to adopt, but are doing so reluctantly or not at all, are laid out in leading-edge, but easy to understand fashion. You will have in your hands the  FOREMOST  TEXT  of the principles underlying the most advanced research on nutrition. What’s best of all about this text is that you don’t need to be a scientist to understand what is laid out in this easy-to-read, helpful book. This UNRAVELS the complexity of the human body and simplifies in plain language how the body reacts to what you ingest. Read this book to “arrive” and be light years ahead of many doctors and nutritionists who have not yet devoured the information in this text.

May you live many more years and do so with optimum health, with all your faculties…and, yes, guys,.. with everything operating at full potential.