In a recent LINKEDIN post “presented by XEROX”, the point is strongly made that the typical resume is dull, dry, and fails miserably to appeal to the human reader. While providing endless lists of day-to-day duties these typical resumes fail to explain what the applicant accomplished on his or her various jobs. The human reader wants to know “…what’s in his or her wake…”

When I offer advice to people who approach me for resume and job interviewing training, I often stress the fact that there is an essential difference between an OCR screening of the resume and that of the human. I demonstrate clearly how the resume must tackle both important jobs and especially how to pull the reader along from one entry to the next. This post presented by XEROX confirms what I have been telling my readership. I’d like to say that I have been years ahead of the trend, but, truly, this is common sense.  Most applicants, executives included, who have presented their best efforts to me, fail the resume common sense test and in the rare instances when they do pass the common sense test, they fail to present their resume in a way that is exciting to the human reader.

These are the first two checking questions on my checklist: 1-Does the documentation pass the OCR scanner test?  2- Does it do so in a manner not only readable but also entertaining and EXCITING to the human reader?  Sadly, I have yet to find a do-it-yourselfer who passes these two questions.

The XEROX article goes on to state that  information presented, “…strictly by the book….is practically useless to me in deciding who to interview.” But here’s the KEY SUCCESS FACTOR in resumes, and this article does spill the beans about that:, “tell me…what they got done…what you’re proud of, and why I should talk to you…”

That article goes on to list 8 essentials for resumes that meet these high standards. Here are a few of the points:

  1. Career Logic
  2. Job Transitioning
  3. Mission
  4. Personality
  5. YOUR Contribution
  6. and more.

That article is well worth reading CAREFULLY since it is full of tips and information useful to job seekers…and it is presented by a company that has plenty of experience consulting to companies around the world.   [Click here to read the entire article: ]