At his age, that man is headed for disaster…!

[Warning: do not make any changes to your diet, therapies, or exercise programs unless instructed by your doctor. This Nugget is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a recommendation for you. Always check with your doctor before changing any of your daily health and exercise routines. ]

The worst thing a person can do is remove from their diets the very nutrients that help the arteries and organs remain in, or attain, an optimal state of health. Keto-, and Low-carb diets do just that. They purposefully restrict or eliminate the very foods that provide the greatest sources of enzymes and molecules that the body’s arteries and organs need in order to achieve, or remain in, a state of optimal health.

Let’s make this really easy for everyone to comprehend.

The human body needs thousands upon thousands of nutrients in order to properly function. That is, the human body needs much more than just a rich supply of protein and fat to remain in a state of health to achieve its longest possible lifetime. And, while we are at this, put aside that bullshit argument of “chronic diseases are caused by genetics”. Indeed some are. But science is proving that more and more disease is caused by environmental and ESPECIALLY NUTRITIONAL factors, (what you eat and drink), as a cause of switching MANY genes into a TRIGGERED state, a state that manifests itself as diseases.

What you eat switches many genes on and off. Researchers like Dr. Colin Campbell have proven that tumors, for example, can be switched on and certain tumors switched OFF, as well, …by what you eat and drink.

So, back to the discussion of the 72 year-old man who is doing himself a disservice by adopting his Keto diet. He argues that he is feeling great and is losing weight. So how can a Keto-, or even a Low-Carb diet be bad if there are so many testimonials of people feeling better, losing weight, and even showing improved blood markers, such as lower cholesterol, etc.?!

Before we get to a discussion about applying logic and common sense to diet programs, let’s talk about a strange phenomenon about humans: the PLACEBO EFFECT.

One of the most complicated mechanisms to deal with, is the aura of the PLACEBO EFFECT. In a nutshell, if you want something to work, the mind can actually make it work, or, more often, make you THINK that it is working, even if it is not working. Placebo effect happens in almost all medications and health regimens. The placebo effect is one of the most difficult phenomena to screen out of research studies.

Enough said about the placebo effect.

More importantly, what actual damage does a Keto-diet, a Low-Carb-diet do to the body?

As you likely know, a Keto program, and a Low-carb program, is largely a high-fat, high-protein, diet that restricts or eliminates “carbs”, (carbohydrates). Now, brace yourself for some COMMON SENSE about the Keto-, and low-carb diets!

Science has proven that the body exists on nutrients. The body needs to be supplied REGULARLY with about 10,000 or more enzymes and molecules. This mass of 10,000 enzymes and molecules is called MICRO-NUTRIENTS. Unless the body is severely depleted of Micro-nutrients, there is no way to tell when a body needs a refreshed supply of micro-nutrients. We don’t have electronic indicators to warn, “You need your micro-nutrients”. Instead of an obvious warning, what happens? We get ourselves into a state of severe depletion and illness sets in. Or, if illness has set in, we have a difficult time recovering, or we don’t recover at all.

The other factor that complicates detecting an approaching depleted state is the body’s overall self-reliance and resilience of our bodies.

Our bodies have a deep well of stored molecules and enzymes. When one molecule or enzyme is approaching a depleted state, our body switches on a process that will draw from and convert an abundant, or adequate supply, of some other molecule or enzyme to produce that which the body needs. Much like an automobile tapping a secondary fuel tank when the main tank is running too low. This is just one of those MIRACLES of nature. The body does it all without you instructing it to do so…this alchemy is taking place inside your body EVERY DAY without you knowing it.

All you need to do is eat and drink and the right foods and beverages to shower your storage supplies with the right enzymes and molecules. Then our body surreptitiously goes about breaking whatever you ingest into its constituents to supply the body’s needs.

But, know this: you MUST, MUST, supply those enzymes and molecules from your food and beverages so that you body has an extensive source to draw upon to take what it needs for its daily processes.

Keto-, and Low-Carb diets FAIL to deliver an ongoing, adequate supply of those enzymes and molecules!! The body will temporarily cover the lack of enzymes and molecules if you make terrible food and beverage choices.

After a while, the body will run out of supplies if what you ingest fails to provide a regular, new source of supply. EACH DAY, the body needs an almost complete supply of MICRO-nutrients as well as some MACRO-nutrients.

Where do we get our supply of MICRO-, and MACRO-nutrients?

PROTEIN and FAT is a class of nutrient called MACRO-nutrients. Animal and dairy products have a very high amount of protein and fat, even the leanest of animal products. Yet, THAT is not what will keep you healthiest for your entire lifetime.

It’s the tiny nutrients, and thousands of enzymes, that keep you healthiest. Those tiny nutrients and collection of enzymes are called MICRO-nutrients.

So, you need to get your micro-nutrients, every day, and plenty of them. The source? Whole plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and beans. Yup: think VEGETARIAN, but avoid textured vegetable proteins, (fake meats) and avoid oils, since oils are merely concentrated fats in liquid form and are very low on micro-nutrients.

We arrive at our LOGIC of diet programs: if you dine almost exclusively on fats, (Keto-diets), or animal products, (Low-Carb diets), you eventually deplete the body’s natural stores of MICRO-nutrients. Depletion of your micro-nutrients may take a few weeks, months, years, or even decades, depending on the make and model of your own body.

I’d like to use the analogy of the fuel gauge in a brand new automobile. When the indicator reads, “empty”, for the very first time you are driving, you really don’t know how empty that fuel tank is. “Empty” on the fuel gauge of your new vehicle may still allow you to drive another 50 miles, 20 miles, 5 miles, or maybe you will be in immediate trouble. Every car is different. Every human body is different.

Regardless of the automobile, and regardless of the human body, if you don’t add the right type and right amount fuel, regularly, the automobile, like your body, will soon cease to function properly.

Where do you get the fuel you body needs? In other words, where do you get your MICRO-nutrients? The ONLY SOURCE of an extensive number of enzymes and micro-nutrients is vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes. The fresher, the better.

Whole plant-based foods, the source of supply of micro-nutrients is also known as COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES, or Complex Carbs, for short. Some heart doctors profess that the “GREENS” act like a fire extinguisher on a fire by showering nutrients to help reduce or extinguish the inflammatory responses within your arteries. You also get sufficient supplies of protein from these sources of Complex Carbs, (whole plant foods).

Without the fuel your body needs, you may be able to lose weight, improve your blood-borne markers, and even feel extraordinarily well…for a period of time, as the above mentioned 72-year old is claiming. But I can almost guarantee that he is shortening his lifespan in the same way I can almost guarantee that no one can feel well for the long run if their body is deprived for too long of the MICRO-NUTRIENTS our bodies absolutely need for optimum health.

One more point…if you body is a late-model body, (a young body), you can abuse it for quite a while and not appear to suffer immediate consequences. But, the older you get, the narrower that window of abuse becomes. Also, the older you get, the sooner the consequences of that abuse will manifest itself in serious diseases. A lifetime of abuse and/or a lack of proper nutrition over a lifetime results in many chronic diseases to which many doctors will suggest you just are the unfortunate victim of “bad genes”.

So, be smarter than eating and drinking fat-laden foods and drinks, or falling for low-carb or no-carb diet fads. There is absolutely NOTHING NEW to those fads. They’ve been going on since the mid-1800s. We have OVER 100 YEARS OF PROOF that diets which are absent a large supply of whole plant-based foods are doomed to FAIL. And now you, too, know why…the logic is simple: MICRO-nutrients with some, but not exclusively limited to, MACRO-nutrients is what the body needs to remain healthiest.

Think logically about the enzymes and nutrients your body needs. You can’t get that from those diets which are being repackaged from the mid-1800s. They didn’t work back then. They still don’t work well, today, for long-term, optimal health.



“Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease-Free” By Joel Fuhrman