“K”, name withheld by request, asks, “What are the most important elements to include in my resume? I have plenty of experience but have recently been declared redundant. So, in a very real way, I am many years out of the job search marketplace and can use some help.”

I strongly urge anyone who approaches me on these topics to have the following in their resumes:

  1. a “CVP”, (compelling value proposition) written in an introductory paragraph titled, “Executive Summary”. I believe a number of recruiters will connect with the notion of a short “elevator speech” presented as an “Executive Summary”. If you don’t know what a compelling proposition consists of, enter the term in our search box or scroll through “Biz-TIPS” What is mentioned there applies to a person as much as it applies to a corporation.
  2. a “CKW”, (compelling list of Key Words) written for both a computer scanning software and for a human reader. I have recently posted an article on this subject. Refer to “RESUMES–1st Optical Eye then Human Eye”.
  3. a definitive distillation of your “HIKSF”, (Highest Impacting Key Success Factors), from each job. You need to answer the unasked questions, “What is the significance of what you were doing? How does that make you as good or better than competitors for this job? Why is it important, or, how would that experience/skill help, the new company?”
  4. the next most important element is to answer the hidden question in the mind of each recruiter/interviewer/and supervisor, “WIIFM”, (what’s in it for me)?
  5. and all of this must be done in an interesting, captivating way. The human reader has to read hundreds of resumes. Most of them will be by people who don’t read my website or just are not aware of the need for the element of creating interest, almost making the resume a form of entertainment, not in the superficial sense but in the sense that a great expose or non-fiction publication would. So, be sure to present points 1 to 4, above, with finesse.