1. A man who exercises, dies of a heart attack while sitting comfortably at his desk, at age 40. Are “Heart Attacks a disease of old age”?
  2. An athletic student suffers a massive stroke at age 16 leaving the student partially paralyzed for life.  Are “Strokes a disease of old age”?
  3. An athlete contracts Type-2 Diabetes at age 35. Is “Diabetes a disease of old age”?
  4. A woman age 19 contracts breast cancer; a man 49, prostate cancer; a woman age 27, ovarian cancer; another, age 37 liver cancer. Is “Cancer a disease of old age”?

Granted, as the human biological clock ticks people inch closer to major diseases. Since “old age”, (35 and over),  is the only common factor to just about every disease, it is often said to people over 35, that these diseases are an inevitable part of growing older. [My personal story of getting older: During an eye examination I grumbled to my doctor that I was having trouble reading. He responded, “Congratulations!!   You are now entering bifocal territory.”]

In many instances, chronic diseases are NOT INEVITABLE as we age. But, to know the difference, one must counteract a lifetime of wrong information.

A group of doctors have researched extensively this topic of chronic diseases. These researchers and doctors published their scientific, evidence-based research in peer-reviewed medical journals. Not only have they discovered something of importance about avoiding and controlling many chronic diseases, but these doctors applied their research within their medical practices to treat and even cure their thousands of chronically ill patients.

What’s their “secret”?  It’s not a secret. You can find out by clicking any of the links below.

Watch any ONE of the SHORT VIDEOS. Give it about 15 minutes, then decide for yourself if you want to learn more. There are plenty more YouTube videos and even books by these doctors and researchers. The best part, as of this writing, there is no extra charge for watching these videos on YouTube.com.