According to a recent report in Business Insider, Feb. 24 2015, HP has “downsized”  by 55,000 employees and “possibly” many more to come.

Despite the many reports flooding the mass media about the great economic turnaround, many great-paying jobs continue to evaporate. Reports, like this, emerge almost daily about companies actively shrinking jobs. It makes me ask, “If so many people in America, in fact, GLOBALLY, are losing great paying jobs, then who is left to earn enough money to float this economy?”

I sense a BIG DISCONNECT between reality and the reports in the mass media about the so-called USA economic turnaround. Not only is evidence mixed, at best, but almost daily reports emerge about more layoffs. [ See list of employers kicking workers to the curb at by clicking here. ]

Be cautious about managing your money, job, qualifications, education, and resume.  Be on guard and prepare now for your own possible rainy day.