Candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, is stumping hard for the notion of women being given more respect in every matter by removing sexism. But one particular matter might become ugly.

Until recently, women, because they are women, were shielded from experiencing first-hand the horrors and atrocities of fighting on the front lines of war. That is about to change. Soon, women will be forced to serve, the same as men are.

The upcoming revision to the USA MILITARY DRAFT will allow the USA government to enlist women in the military for  all the same jobs that men do.  President Obama will sign it into law when it reaches his desk in the fall. Like men, that bill will require women, ages 18 to 26, to register for the military draft and for women to be eligible to be called up to serve and fight in wartimes, including to fight on the front lines.

There has been very little air play about this bill.  Understandably so.

No one wants to give this bill too much publicity before it is locked into law. It would create great anxiety among the young women voters and among parents whose children will be growing into that mandatory age group. Making this public, at this time, would create major challenges for the candidates who are stumping for the Presidency.

Do women voters really want to have this long-time protection removed from the next round of wartime drafts? Maybe this is that one “exception” that might be expedient for women, though it may be ruled as being politically incorrect or sexist? For women, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to play the sexist card while there is still time to oppose the bill before President Obama signs it?

This topic would make a juicy and entertaining question to ask of both candidates during one of their debates.


  • “House panel votes to make women register for the draft”,  By Leo Shane III, Military Times. April 28, 2016.