I hate the MAINSTREAM news. I don’t avoid it. But I do spend a lot of my time researching my own websites for the news that matters, innovations, new science discoveries, people helping people, the good stuff we seldom hear from the mainstream media. Besides, as a result of how the mainstream media was recently exposed for controlling what we see, and being controlled by political and the alphabet police groups, there is just no credibility and only a lot of mental manipulation. I don’t have to be a party to that by acting as a willing member of their audience.

When I discovered Peter Diamandis’ book BOLD, I quickly rode an elevator down a rabbit hole that proved very rewarding. It’s been something I’ve been doing all along, but he made me think that many more people could benefit if only I’d share this with you. After I discovered his book, BOLD, I began listening to his many lectures.  Diamandis quickly became one of my more current role models in my studies of innovation and because of the innovative way he thinks. During one of those lectures, it was Diamandis that put legs, so to say,  to my motivation to avoid the mainstream news. He gave me something I can use for the explanation that has always been wanting.

His explanation fits me to the “T”:

News media preferentially feeds us negative stories because that’s what our minds pay attention to…all of our digital devices are filled with negative news 24/7…so it is no wonder people are pessimistic and people think the world is getting worse…(Peter Diamandis).

Then…a short while later, I was privileged to hear a Tony Robbins interview. In that he mentioned–allow me a mile-wide berth to paraphrase– that achievement hinges on whatever you reframe into pain and pleasure.

That’s when it occurred to me that if all we frame and reframe is negativity, then the news media is almost committed to destroying civilization!!!  A long time ago, I decided to not be a part of that destructive negative spiral. Instead, I’ve almost always spent my time reading books about innovation, science, research, and listening to great lecturers and authors such as Tony Robbins, PETER DIAMANDIS, Ray Kurzwell, and many others.

Let me leave you with this tip from the above mentioned two mental innovators, and those two re-engineers of the human spirit:

You can boost your achievements, boost your life, lift your spirits, and especially lift the spirits of the people around you, by AVOIDING the news, and re-framing what it is that you read and re-framing what you are committed to practicing/implementing.