The recent referendum decided by a hair’s margin that Britain ought to exit the European Union. Score one for democracy. But the elite will not tolerate the minions, like you and me, voting or acting democratically.  Since the elite have so much power, and we minions, don’t, nor does the people of Britain, the elite will do everything in its power to fight that notion of exiting the EU.

The fight will begin. The elites verses the British minions. So, what can Brits expect?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, during one of his recent interviews, did a great job of defining some of what the Brits can expect.  To his thoughts I will add some of my opinions, too:

  • Rampant inflation.
  • The British pound will likely take a dive off a steep cliff.
  • Trade with any of the EU nations and the USA, will be exceedingly difficult.
  • Travel will be made difficult.
  • Their media will become saturated with EU wisdom that will continually scold the Brits.
  • British stocks will take a swan dive, if not now, then very soon. .
  • The nation will be left almost leaderless.
  • Social services will be cut.

The people of Britain will be MADE TO GIVE IN.

On the other hand, if the administration in Britain vacates now, and if the new leaders form alliances with the BRIICS, then, not only will they have a chance to wildly succeed, but they will also be nearly bulletproof from the pain that the EU and Washington will attempt to inflict. The backbone of BRIICS currently consists of economies which are booming: Russia, Iran, India and China. Those are the countries with which Britain ought to act quickly and establish their most important alliances and guarantees.

By building alliances with BRIICS for important items such as energy, food, and other commodities, the Brits can make themselves almost bulletproof. Then, how could the EU and Washington possibly hurt Britain?!

Brits need to brace themselves for the pain that is yet to be inflicted…like the elites flogging their slaves to behave and to stop acting as if they live in a democratic country.