The “Purple Revolt” is the temper tantrum of very rich power brokers who are angry that their tools, the mainstream news media, failed them for the very first time in a long history of manipulating the masses.

The fact that the media and the polls were so far off the mark makes one ask, “Did the ‘establishment’, meaning the media, the polls, and those powerful and rich power brokers try TOO HARD to rig the system?”  So hard that it became transparent to even the least questioning of viewers?

Those same tools and techniques which have been  used for decades to manipulate opinions suddenly failed when Donald Trump came along. Until now, there wasn’t a man like Trump who had the guts, the courage, the fortitude, the resources, and the power to push back hard enough to knock the power brokers on their asses.

Control the press, control the people?  But, only until Trump came along.

It became obvious throughout the campaign that, that sacred bond of trust between viewer and news outlet was violated and that an agenda was in play. But it was not a legitimate agenda that grew out of honest investigative journalism. It was an agenda of the power brokers hiding somewhere within the political system.

What they did to democracy was as serious a violation as any other crime.

The only way democracy can exist is to have a free, unbiased, honest, trustworthy press willing to uncover and tell ALL THE FACTS and not become part of the news itself, and not fabricate the news. This time though, the MASS MEDIA WAS THE NEWS. I could write a list of things they did that were disgusting to those of us who wanted honest reporting and truthfulness from our mainstream news.

All along the alternative media has been warning of collusion between the mass media and their power brokers to get Clinton elected. One tweet referred to that media-Clinton agenda as, “…trying to pull Clinton across the finish line.” The alternative media, once again, was proven to be correct.

Recently Mr. Cliff High, inventor of PREDICTIVE LINGUISTICS, shed some light on this subject.

What is Predictive Linguistics?  It is a new branch of science based on the phenomenon that people have an uncanny sense of predicting group outcomes. It’s not Voodoo. It’s a process of watching certain indicators to learn what people voluntarily, spontaneously favour. Consider it a system of early warnings.

Lets look at one event that occurred BEFORE the election.

Cliff High, the inventor of this technique, said, measuring the viewership of speeches is a “…naked data set…an emotional level on people.” See End Note 1  In the run up to this election, this technique was particularly precise in its determination and predictability of a Trump victory. He counted the number of views of an official Trump speech video compared to an official Clinton video.See End Notes 1 and 2.  Spontaneously, viewers numbered over 700,000 people who searched for and then watched the TRUMP video.  That number trumped, (pardon the pun, just could not resist!), the paltry 2,000 or so people who voluntarily searched for and watched the Clinton video…Trump vrs  Clinton interest? +350% !!  .

In my opinion, the press and pollsters must have known something very similar to this when covering rallies. Trump, likewise for his rallies, had a disproportionately large number of interested supporters, despite the best efforts of Clinton-campaign encouraged sabotage. Crowd photos were shown in the alternative channels but not in any mainstream media coverage that I noticed. And they might have been a good prediction tool.

The mainstream’s Clinton bias continues after the elections.

Ron Paul,  Congressman and previously a Presidential candidate, pointed out that there is, indeed, a group of people pulling the strings of the government and high-level politicians.See End Note 3.  Who are those people?  We may never know.

What the media proved to us, though, is that it is playing to THEIR agenda, not yours. The people in the shadows are pulling the strings of the mainstream media and the mainstream media’s influence is waning, largely thanks to Trump.

Trump just cut those strings and the puppet masters fell on their asses.  They are kicking and screaming and demanding that you, the people they once so easily controlled,  cooperate so they can reattach their strings.


  1. “Trump Wins By Landslide–Polls 100% Manufactured–cliff high” interview by Greg Hunter, OCTOBER 28, 2016.  [NOTE: BEFORE the elections of Nov. 8th.]
  2. “Huge Crisis Headed Our Way…” interview of CLIFF HIGH on X22 eport Spotlight. Nov. 11, 2016. 
  3. It is now understood that, to use the terms used by Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, “the deep state or shadow government” have tried to use tools and techniques during this campaign which were similar to techniques of information handling and dissemination that have worked for decades to control the opinions of the masses, people like you and me, in the matter of geo-politics, wars, and countless other events where it was necessary, for them, to coordinate the will of the people in order to achieve, goals originally desired only by the elites themselves.