Drama and suspense rises as we head into the upcoming Republican debates, December 15, and beyond, as the big money machines wrestle with: “How can we THUMP Trump?

To the big money guys, who are used to getting their own way with politicians, Donald Trump is like a dentist’s drill against a live nerve. They want to crush him.Those big money guys have the power to thump Trump, but to date they have been impotent. Will they succeed at crushing Trump in the long run? We won’t know for a few more months. The drama unfolds…

Trump now appears to be capable of winning the USA presidency. He has a substantial lead. Whether people are entertained or true supporters, Trump is bringing millions of eyes to the TV and causing millions of people to sit up and take note of an alternative to the typical Harvard-Yale-Skull-n-Bones politicians that have been screwing the populace for decades. If Trump does win, he just might be the best chance ever of a President doing a good job for the people.

If Trump wins the Presidency and does a good job for the people, that would mean the big money machines, the billionaires, loose. This is a zero-sum game.

If someone wins, then someone loses, despite what compromised politicians would have you believe. The selfish 1%, the country’s richest people, know all too clearly that if the people win then it will be at their, the 1%-ers, expense. And the 1%-ers seldom, if ever, lose. Can they derail Trump?  Maybe. But how?

Here’s my quick list of some of the TRICKS the big money machine may [continue to] use:

  • Hecklers at Trump rallies
  • Broadcasters to continue to knit-pick under the pretense of “Everything needs to be examined under a microscope” though they have demonstrated overkill by using the reporter’s equivalent of an electron microscope
  • Attack ads picking up momentum based on remarks and gestures to make Trump look silly by using sound bites and gestures out of context
  • The use of other politicians to speak against Trump. Especially, Senators who are compromised and who fear losing the buckets of money they need for re-election campaigns
  • Narrators and talking heads on TV who have a grudge or who want to gain fame, by standing on Trump’s shoulders, to become much more aggressive, even confrontational under the guise of reporting
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee trying to distance itself by  asking Senators to reject Trump
  • Ads showing any negative side to Trump’s empire. [Recognize that all company’s have some “skeletons in the closest”. So, don’t be duped by this tactic.]

Now that Trump has shown resilience and is going to endure, the big money machine is getting really pissed off. Watch for the big money machine to step up its campaign to thump Trump.