[READ THIS if you travel across the border for ANY REASON, such as vacations.]

NOTE:  I’ve revised this article from the original after hearing from several “experts” in the field.

WARNING: if you SMOKE, or are near ANYONE,  who smokes marijuana, you may attract the attention of USA border patrol when crossing into the USA.  DON’T TAKE ANY MARIJUANA WITH YOU WHEN GOING INTO THE USA!  It is still illegal at the National Level, (at the border), when crossing into the USA.

The business news has reported that after Oct 17, 2018, “having involvement…in the legal marijuana industry…may affect your admissibility to the USA.”

Likely INVESTORS in marijuana companies will not need to worry.  But, the article suggests people working in the marijuana industry may be subjected to extra scrutiny when crossing the border.

In a nutshell:

“Border guards…[may]…declare USERS  inadmissible to USA.”  But there is also this statement in the article (see below):  “U.S. officials also warn any form of participation.”


If your company requires you to travel across the border, and if you invest in the marijuana sector, then you might wish to seek from your employer an official company advisory, if your company provides advisories in such matters. What is meant by “participation”?

Though a number of states are selling medicinal marijuana, and some recreational, too, the law at the NATIONAL LEVEL has not been changed, yet.  So, don’t confuse Canada’s legalization or even the legalization in some states, as an open ticket at the national level. Certainly be sure you are not carrying any marijuana, after Oct. 17, 2018, if you are a recreational user.


Do NOT CARRY or TRANSPORT ANY MARIJUANA!  And be wary of any noticeable odor in your clothing, luggage, or in your vehicle.  If for any reason you attract the suspicion of border agents, you may have a lot of questions to answer. Honesty is the best policy. And don’t carry or transport any illegal drugs, including marijuana! Drug-sniffing dogs are trained to detect illegal drugs. Remember, marijuana is still illegal at the USA national level.  Don’t mess with the border agents.

INVESTMENT DANGERS? Not likely, but stay alert:

The recent business article below, published by a REPUTABLE news organization,  suggests that “involvement” in the industry may affect one’s admissibility to USA. Does that include investors? UNlikely.

So, investing in stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds may not be a problem. But forgetting you have some marijuana with you, may be a big problem and may result in a lifetime ban from entering the USA.



  1. “Canada’s legal cannabis creates risk for investors at U.S. border”, By Greg Quinn, Bloomberg News. Sept 14, 2018.