YES. In fact WORSE.  If you are employed today, the TPP will cost your job.  Your job is in the wind and the USA Congress is about to blow it away.

Just think about what happened under NAFTA. The great-paying jobs in America flowed to Canada and Mexico much like water spreading out to seek its own natural level. Same thing happened after President Bill Clinton signed the preferential trade deal with China back in late 1990’s. After signing that agreement,  America’s best-paying manufacturing jobs raced off shore to locate in China.

As much as we love Canadians, and I mean no disrespect to Canadians by saying this, Canada was made great because of TRADE BARRIERS in the form of mandates, foreign investment acts, and especially very high duties and tariffs which forced USA money to be invested in plants and equipment located in Canada.  In other words, barriers, not freer trade agreements built Canada and helped to keep it economically strong. Barriers such as the “Auto Pact” which restricted trade. Such Canadian barriers, and even legislation, were dismantled after NAFTA was implemented. One would have thought that NAFTA, freer trade, would have been good for America. Turns out it was bad for American workers but great for UAS manufacturers who were able to expand total market size by spreading American wealth to Mexico at the expense of American workers. NAFTA saw American jobs race for the lowest wage country, Mexico. It was the low-wage country, Mexico that benefitted most from NAFTA, not the USA and not Canada.

The dilution effect on manufacturing and jobs in the USA occurred once again, but more so, when USA signed the preferential trade deal with China.

Can you guess what is going to happen to the remaining USA manufacturing and jobs once the TPP agreement goes through? This will be the third home run for the have-not countries which will prosper, at the expense of American jobs and wages, as signatories to the TPP agreement. Many more jobs are about to head off shore.

Just as worrisome for me is the manner with which the TPP will slide through the USA congress.

Congress is poised to approve of fast-track legislation that will prevent any discussion in Congress on future trade deals, the TPP being first up after this fast-track legislation is passed.  Once that legislation passes, there’ll be no debate about the TPP. That suggests that since the TPP agreement has been negotiated in near-secrecy over many years, this legislation ensures that it will be passed by USA Congress and implemented without attracting any publicity and certainly no attention from the press. If the press doesn’t report on it, you won’t know about it…though your job will move to one of the have-not countries.

With all the secrecy surrounding the TPP, and, because politicians are anxious to impose a fast-track, no-debate legislation so it can continue to be hidden from public scrutiny until after it is implemented, one can only imagine that it must contain absolutely horrible consequences to remaining American workers.

I’m amazed at the number of Americans who remain ignorant of the PAIN caused to employment numbers by this kind of a trade deal. According to Reuters, the research group, Pew Research Center, learned that 20% of Americans believe that these trade deals create jobs. [“Obama begins sales pitch on trade to wary U.S. public”, By Roberta Rampton. SATURDAY, Feb. 21, 2015.]  What?!  Creates jobs?!  These preferential trade deals are taking away jobs from America, and other G-7 countries, known as the “HAVE” countries and moving jobs to “have-not” countries.  [You must read my  nugget, “New World Order–Pareto Flips” by clicking here. ]

Almost the day after the preferential trade deal was signed with China, great-paying  American jobs have been racing out USA exit doors to win favor and a spot over in China. USA-based UNEMPLOYMENT began to soar…and unemployment continues be at some of the highest levels since the last great depression. This time, though, the trade deals ensure there will be no coming back, no rebound like America enjoyed following the last great depression of the 1930’s.

President Bush on national TV: “Only in America is it possible to hold 3 jobs”. And he was smiling when he said that.

If these types of trade deals create jobs, then how does one explain the fact that nearly 49 million Americans remain unemployed?  Why is the dependency on government handouts rising?  Because jobs have been and continue to evaporate…to be LOST rather than being created.

Get ready for more job losses from the coming implementation of the TPP agreement.

That same article reported that 17% of Americans believe trade deals, like the preferential trade deal with China, resulted in increased wages. Wait?! What?!  Jobs are racing off shore because companies want cheaper labor and some people think wages are rising in America?  Not to mention the  49 million Americans able to live and survive thanks only to the USA government food stamp program. God help them if funding for that food program ever stops.

Let’s review the impact of past trade agreements: NAFTA caused many manufacturers to move or expand operations in Mexico instead of sustaining and investing more in the USA.  Thus many USA jobs were lost. The preferential trade deal with China caused many more manufacturers to move or expand operations in CHINA instead of sustaining and investing more in the USA.  Thus many millions more USA jobs were lost. And now America faces the ominous TPP that will soon gut whatever manufacturers and middle-class jobs still exist following the damage to employment from previous trade deals. I want to be on record with my concerns:

  1. Many more USA jobs will be lost.
  2. If you survive the cuts and are lucky enough to retain your job, the government will want a much bigger piece of your pay check. Expect higher taxes, more new taxes on many more things, and much stiffer penalities…just about anything to raise money for the government.
  3. Marijuana and possibly some other drugs considered illegal today will become a valuable source of income once  the government legalizes and helps to ramp up sales.
  4. Wages will be frozen or decreased in the name of competition from low-wage countries.
  5. The government will borrow more money from the US Federal Reserve to pay for social programs.
  6. The US Federal Reserve will print US currency like mad to help defend the few remaining USA-based exporters.
  7. The government will outlaw the possession of precious metals and likely will confiscate to use your holdings for its own international needs.
  8. Euthanasia, abortion, and birth control will become acceptable when government funds run low and it is deemed too expensive to sustain support for the moral high ground.

Dear readers, maybe NOW would be a good time for those of you who are currently employed to SPEAK UP about YOUR concerns over the coming TPP agreement ?  With this posting, I’ve spoken up. It’s your turn…at least tell some of your contacts about it.