Propaganda is a useful tool of governments. Every government uses it.

Of late, though, one tool of propagandists is proving to be an epic failure: “Accuse your opponents of what you yourself are doing.”

This past year we have been inundated with false accusations against President Trump from the Democrats, the FBI, the Russian Investigation, HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES and especially the MEDIA. It’s been a saturation campaign of propaganda to make you think there is something wrong with having Donald Trump as President.

Accuse your opponents of what you yourself are doing.

The lies, and liars, are being exposed. Almost everything you heard that was nasty about President Trump has turned out to be downright lies by the media and by Trump opponents.

  • ANTIFA, and its accusations of Trump being a racist, and that he divides America, and so on, has been exposed as lies. Once the off-shore finance, the money, to pay protesters dried up, almost nobody showed up. Hundreds of thousands of expensive, professionally-printed, protest signs lay in waste in warehouses as only a handful of die-hard Antifa enlistees appeared for the latest rallies. All those lies, the propaganda pushed by Antifa was an epic fail.  Ooooops.
  • RUSSIAN INVESTIGATIONS have wasted millions of tax dollars to deflect attention from the Clintons, Democrats, and some of the top dogs in the FBI itself. Over a year later, 16 high-paid lawyers, millions in tax dollars wasted, and…still no dirt on Trump. What’s even more interesting, the dirt uncovered LIKELY points back to the accusers. Oooooops.
  • HOLLYWOOD spent a lot of time at various award ceremonies accusing President Trump of racism, of making rude and sexist comments. The accusers were the ones who were guilty. And, guilty of far worse than a few male-female jokes. Now we learn just how guilty celebrities are. Either they were doing it or shielding those who did it, or keeping quiet about those they knew doing it. The accusers in Hollywood, themselves, are  GUILTY of doing, or covering, or keeping quiet about, terrible sex crimes. Oooooops.
  • DEMOCRATS allegedly sold URANIUM to the Russians. To divert attention, they accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians.  He didn’t. Besides, what can be worse than selling the very fuel required to make nuclear bombs to the nation treated as an enemy state of the USA? Isn’t THAT treason? Shouldn’t all those involved be tried for Treason? Ooooops.
  • Seth Rich was murdered for providing information about the Democratic Party to Wikileaks. Something Democrats allegedly blamed on Russian hacking. It was alternative website investigators who exposed the lie while the mass media tried to claim that Rich died from a robbery gone bad. This week one of the top personalities in the Democratic Party admitted Seth Rich was murdered. What? Wait! Someone from INSIDE THE HIGHEST LEVELS of the Democratic Party admitted he was killed for his role in leaking information to Wikileaks. So, it never was about Russian hacking?!  Ooooops.
  • MEDIA colluded with Clinton and the Democrats  and never made an attempt at fair reporting during the election cycle.  Proof has emerged that mainstream media was working in unison with the Democrats to amass their combined power to stop and crush Trump. Media has been caught ON VIDEO with their hands in the cookie jar trying to damage Trump and thereby divide the nation to interfere with Democracy and the electoral process.  Isn’t that SEDITION?!   Ooooops.

…The next few weeks will be very interesting as more and more people within the Democratic party and in Hollywood,  will likely jump ship before they go down with it.

When you hear someone in the media making accusations remind yourself that you are LIKELY witnessing an old technique of propaganda, a technique that was very successful for Hitler:

Accuse your opponents of what you yourself are doing.