A number of parents will be shocked to learn that their college and university children may be quietly earning thousands of dollars, while attending their institute of “higher education”. Money about which parents do not even know.  [And, likely, those students are blowing all that cash on booze and party drugs!  Oh, sorry. I forgot: YOUR KID wouldn’t do that.]

As a parent, you ought to clearly warn your kids to remain squeaky-clean in the face of a new temptation, while at college or university.

I recently learned that there is a very enticing easy-money job ad playing to college and university kids.

At least one personnel hiring agency is advertising to hire inexperienced “actors” to fill out the ranks of protesters at President Trump protest events and at “spontaneous” political events. Busses are also being provided for a comfortable ride to staged protests. And the financial offer is mighty attractive: $50 per hour.

Although $50 an hour for skipping classes, wearing free T-shirt “colors”, wielding home-made clubs, and throwing concrete and urine-filled bottles may sound great to some naive college and university kids, so far they have been doing harm only to the passive people of the other side. That passivity likely won’t last much longer and, at that point, plenty of dangers loom for your kid who accepted this “acting” job.

As a parent you have plenty to worry about, if your kid is, indeed, one of these paid actors who is paid to protest or participate in these riots.

In addition to risking a run-in with the tax department, if he or she fails to add that income to their summer earnings, your kid may also RISK serious physical dangers, and even a run-in with the law if it is he or she who injures another person.

For example: reports are emerging from Charlottesville of concrete-filled soda bottles narrowly missing a 10-year old. Had the child been struck on the head that would’ve meant severe injury or death to the child. Others reported broken bones suffered at the hands of these “actors”, these paid protestors.

So far, these “actors” have been able to avoid identification by wearing masks. But as the trail of damage grows, they won’t be allowed to do that for much longer.  People will tolerate only so much then will push back with equal or greater force.  [Tell your kid to not be there since it can happen at the next paid protest.]

It would be prudent to understand that the many veterans and patriots who pledge to defend everything the country once stood for, will not tolerate this abuse of civility for much longer. An intelligent parent will warn their college or university child that when it happens, the push-back current will rise into a tsunami and he or she may be caught in the undertow. Have a talk…before his or her hospital bills start arriving in your mailbox, so to say.

Don’t be fooled by the media using the Orwellian, misleading term, “peaceful protesters”. They are anything but that. Not if they wield clubs with nails to poke police horses, concrete-filled 20-ounce soda bottles, and feces-filled condoms, and other ugly tools.  Really, does that sound to you, a parent, that $50 an hour for that acting job for your child, is worth it in the long run?

Acquiring a higher education includes learning to keep oneself squeaky-clean with the law, including the tax department, and keeping oneself, and family, out of harm’s way.

[At the heart of this particular Nugget is my wish/hope/desire for civility to return to society. From me to you: please, talk to, and warn your kids to avoid these hired-protest-actor jobs. Potential dangers are rising quickly.]