As he works to winning a place in the primary ballet,  Donald Trump has stated that he merely wants the leadership of the Republican Party to treat him fairly. The Republican Party leadership must be dragging its feet on meeting Trump’s request for, Trump continues to make it clear that if he deems fairness is lacking then he’ll consider the possibility of running as a third-party candidate. Likely as a response to that, the leadership is entertaining a new condition for those wanting to compete for the spotlight.

Instead of the leadership putting its integrity where its mouth is, that is, by promising and being held accountable for the fairness requested by Trump, the leadership, at least in some states, is reportedly playing a cat and mouse game by seeking additional conditions, actually restrictions on participants, likely with Trump in its sights.

The leadership in some states is reportedly thinking about raising the stakes for potential candidates who want to compete for the primary ballot by requiring assurances that those wishing to participate will remain within the party and not run as a third-party candidate.  [Source: “State GOP leaders plot to tie Donald Trump’s hands” By Alex Isenstadt. (U.S. Edition). Aug. 24, 2015.]  

It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump handles this requisite, if it is imposed.  I doubt that Trump will let himself become victimized, something that such a deal could easily do.

Whatever happens will certainly attract a lot more media attention for Donald Trump. As we are witnessing, media attention for Trump is growing and with that so is popular support for the man. Trump’s media attention and popular support is the Achilles’ heel for some of the leaders in the Republican Party Leadership who would rather see Trump ride off into the sunset.

Underlying a concern by some of the leadership that the Trump “following” is growing logarithmically, is their more significant concern that Trump’s political clout and power may be mushrooming along with that popular support. Trump may be growing sufficient power that it may be too late to take more aggressive actions to slap him down. He may already be too powerful to be easily squashed at this stage.