[Photo credit: RIA Novosti/Vitaliy Ankov / RIA Novosti. July 10, 2015. http://www.rt.com/business/272974-putin-russia-payment-card/]

Russia’s banking system is now highly profitable, despite every effort by the USA to crush the Russian economy. Soon, it will have repaid all USA debt and will shed the shackles of its credit master, the USA.

Russia is now a STRONGER RUSSIA, bolder than ever, and much more determined to be an independently operating country in world economics. Thank the Obama administration for Russia’s accelerated economic rebound. Another in a long list of failed USA political and military strategies throughout the globe. In particular, USA-lead sanctions against Russia forced the likes of major credit card companies, eg., VISA and MASTERCARD, to cease activities with Russian banks. Obviously a leader like Putin who appears to be more clever than USA leaders, would not tolerate such crude behavior from the USA leadership and its NATO or G-7 allies. So, while the USA has been busy egging on Russia to escalate the war in Ukraine, Putin has had its banking system work hard to find ways to make the current global monetary transfer system redundant for Russians.

Russia’s financial system will soon COMPETE WITH the current globally sponsored “SWIFT” messaging system. To make it functional for its citizens, Russia plans to issue it’s own national credit card. For its citizens to be able to use that new Russian credit card internationally, it plans to join with JAPAN to leverage its use through Japan’s access to the global financial system.  Japan is desperate for export markets. This may be an opportunity that is ripe for the taking, provided Japan cooperates with Russia despite the USA wishing otherwise.

As for the new Russian credit card: “This is a card that works as a national payment card, Mir, in Russia, [and] abroad as a MasterCard, American Express etc. – so that people will feel comfortable and not worry if they want to buy something abroad or to travel somewhere,” said Russia’s Central Bank chair, Elvira Nabiullina. [Source: “Russia to issue 30mn national payment cards in 2016 – CBR head”, RT.com.  Aug. 10, 2015.  Visit:  http://www.rt.com/business/312073-russia-national-payment-system/]