Read this post in its entirety. You have a CALL TO ACTION that you MUST DO… ran an article titled, “Putin Says Dump Dollar”, Sept 1, 2015: “Russian President Vladimir Putin drafted a bill to eliminate the US dollar and the euro from trade between…Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union…”

Though this may sound like small potatoes to you, because it is “over there somewhere”, this is a gutsy, bold, outrageous motion and if ratified by the Russian State Duma, (Russia’s lower house of parliament), it could have chilling and frightening consequences for the USA dollar and everything priced in US dollars. Maybe not immediately, but in due course.

While President Obama is grinning to the media and doing things most paper tigers do in their final moments in the Presidency, Putin has been playing a game of chess and appears to be winning.

Between China and Russia there is rapidly rising clout that is giving inspiration to, and motivating, many other countries to rally AGAINST the USA dollar in the cause of stopping USA hegemony. The frightening matter is that their actions appears to be working. It appears that the USA is losing its global clout, losing it military and financial influence.

For those of you who read beyond traditional mass media news, you already know that a number of countries have begun trying to get themselves out from under the influence of the US dollar, the world’s most popular reserve currency. So, to many of you, what I am repeating here is not news. The news is that Putin is getting bolder by the second. He is now openly confronting the US financial system. He knows that the USA sanctions and USA military is such a failed operation as to have no fear of openly engaging the USA through the financial system by confronting the existing global system with his own, new, replacement system. And it appears to be welcomed and even picking up momentum.

Here’s why you, as an American, should worry and be concerned..and be pissed off that the traditional news media are not covering this in detail. If enough countries dump the US dollar, expect all hell to break loose, FINANCIALLY,  at home in America.  That means, expect inflation to go nuts. Expect Prices to soar to heights you will call implausible and outrageous. Such price pain is called HYPER-INFLATION and it is knocking at the door of the nation. If it enters, chaos will be manifested not only in the financial aspects of your lives but also in the streets as crime soars when more people face bankruptcies and need to steal to provide for themselves and their families.

Since so many Americans are without decent paying jobs that would let them and their families cushion the blow from outrageously high-priced imports and other goods,  like food, expect a depression many times worse than the likes of what took place back in the 1930’s.  Be especially wary of interest rates on any borrowed money. If you have a loan at a low interest rate today, and if hyper-inflation does indeed strike America, which the signs are indeed pointing to, interest on loans will leap to levels far beyond the Reagan interest rate era of 21%. Rates in the high 30% or high 40% may be quite common and bankruptcies will be flourishing.

The dump the dollar fever is spreading throughout the world, fueled by China and Russia and Iran. They are flexing their muscle and the USA is getting slapped in the face…speaking financially, of course. In other words, it is merely a matter of time, a few months, maybe that soon, but likely a few years, before it financially explodes and showers America with the shrapnel that comes from any other Hyper-Inflation.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION: I’ll say it again. THIS is a great time for smart people to take a hard look at their investments and to be sure an investment plan is not only comfortable but the very  best it can be for you and your family.  In my case, I advise my family to pay off their debts as fast as they can…all debts, be it mortgage or credit cards and any other loans such as auto loans if rates are at all variable or subject to change. I also tell them, if locking in a mortgage today, lock it in for at least 5 years and maybe even 10 years since soon we will see rates rising and they will never come back to these levels ever again, if hyper-inflation strikes. But for everyone, be it for my family and friends or for you a stranger to me, probably the very best advice I can offer is this:  GO TALK TO A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER…OR CERTIFIED FINANCIAL ANALYST….and do it NOW while you still have a chance to get your finances in order! [Use search box type: “how to find a financial planner”.]